If you have children, then this simulator will probably remind you a lot of the constant stress of those early months with your baby. However, if you haven’t yet received a visit from the stork, well then it just might make you want to think twice; Mother Simulator: Family Life is a casual arcade game that’s as charming as it is challenging.

You’ll have to feed your baby, change his diapers and keep picking up the pacifier that he throws over and over again (and return it to him cleaned). And you’ll do it all from a first-person perspective and using¬†perfectly adapted touchscreen controls. This means that even the clumsiest person can end up moving through the house at cruising speed.

Mother Simulator: hands holding a pacifier

As if taking care of this adorable but tireless baby wasn’t enough, this title from Skytec Games also gives you the task of cleaning the house. You’ll start out with the kitchen and the baby’s room and later, as you level up, you’ll have access to the rest of the house.

Mother Simualtor: hands washing a pacifier

Mother Simulator: Family Life has tons of content

In addition to the titanic challenge of taking care of the child and keeping everything in tip-top shape, there’s also other housework to do, like taking care of the family pet and having friends come to visit. You’ll have to be a good host, so you’ll make coffee, cakes and talk to them, all while you secretly consider running away and joining the Foreign Legion.

All joking aside, Mother Simulator: Family Life offers tons of content that you can unlock as you go, including customization elements. You’ll find clothes for your character, the mother, in addition to accessories for your baby.

Mother Simulator: changing the baby's diaper

Weekly challenges

On top of all that, every week you’ll face challenges with exclusive rewards, in addition to the successive missions that Mother Simulator: Family Life presents you with every day.

Visually speaking, the game is spectacular, with a powerful graphics engine that presents the entire environment in 3D from the mother’s point of view.

In addition to being realistic, the physics engine will put you in more than one sticky situation, since you’ll be able to pick up and drop objects all over the house. And of course, if the baby’s bottle or pacifier falls on the floor, you’ll have to wash it in the sink. Oh, and be careful when aiming dirty diapers at the garbage, or you could be in for a disaster if you miss.

Mother Simulator: placing the baby on the crib

Mother Simulator: Family Life offers a unique concept, which teaches players that taking care of a baby and a house is a thousand times more heroic than saving a galaxy. Don’t be surprised if after playing the game, you feel the sudden urge to give your mother a hug.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski


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