The most popular office suite in the world, Microsoft Office, has evolved since its creation into one of the most indispensable programs for consumers. Currently, the most popular alternatives are LibreOffice and OpenOffice; but, there are many other office suites that you can use for free.


Kingston Office Suite

One of the more convincing alternatives, thanks to its three major tools: text editor, spreadsheet, and presentation creator, similar to PowerPoint. The three all have an interface that is totally identical to Office, so users won’t come across many problems when needing to peform certain tasks. It produces, just as Microsoft’s program, some very high quality results.

The only two differences that Kingston Office offers than Microsoft doesn’t is that, on one hand, the former is so light that it will open your documents in the blink of an eye. And, on the other hand, Kingston has its own exclusive format, which doesn’t prevent it from being able to open all compatible Microsoft Office text documents. It also allows you to export to PDF.

Lastly, as if all this weren’t enough, you can encrypt your important files, which keeps out the people you don’t want having access to them. This feature really stands out in the Android version, which also allows you to sync your documents with Google Drive and Dropbox.

Kingston Office is ultimately one of the greatest alternatives to Microsoft Office. It is a perfect text editing tool for any user.


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Softmaker Office

Softmaker includes the following tools: TextMaker, a word processor with a database editor, PlanMaker, a spreadsheet editor, and SoftMaker Presentations, perfect for creating presentations identical to those of PowerPoint, with a very important template feature, and finally BasicMaker, a script editor, all of which make the program an exciting alternative to the Office suite.

The functions and tasks it can do are the same as those you can do with Microsoft Office, or with any other office suite that you’ll find, except that Softmaker has the advantage of being able to be opened on any PC, because it is so light. Additionally, it comes with a simple interface that makes using it a piece of cake.

You’ll be given a 30-day trial version to see if it suits your needs.


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ThinkFree Office

Another one of the big office programs that is hidden in Microsoft’s shadow. This packet comes with a text editor called ThinKFree Write, a spreadsheet called ThinkFree Calc, and a presentation creation tool called ThinkFree Show.

This program works with the same formats as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and the interface is practically an exact replica of Microsoft Office, so it will give you the sensation of working with that program.

As an added bonus that Microsoft Office doesn’t have, ThinkFree Office comes with the option to store your documents online so that you can access them from anywhere. You will have 1GB of storage space, which is more than what you need to have your backups on hand.


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Google Drive

Google Drive is a virtual hard drive from Google that you can access from Windows or any computer, which allows you to sync your files at anytime from anywhere.

The program formerly known as Google Docs allows you to create word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and view files such as PDFs and videos, which you can share with other users online without a problem.

You can also add third-party apps to increase its functionality, from useful tools such as text editors, or apps for sending faxes. It also allows you to download your documents in formats that are compatible with any other text editing software.


All these tools, which are very similar to one another, and have a very obvious resemblance to Microsoft Office, are perfect apps for users that are looking for efficient, user-friendly alternatives to Microsoft Office.

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