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Every day we see hundreds of headlines in the technology sphere. Here at Uptodown we focus on the most important information related to the world of software, covering everything from the most relevant news items and articles on IT security to advice on online privacy.

The end of support for Windows XP is looming. Now what?

On April 8th Microsoft will officially end support for Windows XP. Now we have to choose between Windows 8 or Linux.

Adobe Premiere Clip available on Android

A pocket version of the popular video editor that lets you make compositions of several images or videos, apply effects, and make adjustments.

Facebook Messenger now lets you send Spotify songs

Now you can embed Spotify songs in your Facebook chats.

Instagram releases Layout, its own collage-creating app

Layout is a completely independent tool that lets you create collages of your photos and manipulate them as desired.

How to keep people from knowing you checked out their WhatsApp...

WhatsApp statuses are rolling out worldwide. But what you probably didn't know is that when you look at statuses, whoever published them can tell.

WordPress for Android 3.0 has arrived

Now WordPress for Android has improved blog management in its new version 3.0.

Guide to keeping up with the Brazil 2014 World Cup

Apps and sites to view live matches, comment and keep up with the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

20 years of Gimp, the ugly duckling of image editors

A program that’s unfairly unappreciated by many.

Google Earth Pro now free

Google Earth Pro has advanced features such as hi-res image export or the option to take land and volume measurements. Now you can download this version for free.

Telegram: Edit messages after sending them

The newest Telegram 3.9.0 update allows you to rewrite messages up to two days after sending them along with other features.