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Every day we see hundreds of headlines in the technology sphere. Here at Uptodown we focus on the most important information related to the world of software, covering everything from the most relevant news items and articles on IT security to advice on online privacy.

Cyberlink offering a free edition of PowerDirector 12 to Uptodown users

Cyberlink is giving away to Uptodown users a free copy of of the software, PowerDirector 12 LE, through a special promotion.

Outlook has 400 million active accounts now that Hotmail has switched...

Microsoft is getting to work on the titanic project of unifying all of its services. Along with Windows Live Messenger’s well-known integration with Skype,...

Check out the nominees for IMGA SEA best mobile video game

The second edition of the International Mobile Gaming Awards focuses on Southeast Asia and the nominees include a huge number of top-notch titles.

The first public preview of Ubuntu Phone OS released on February...

Canonical announced last Friday that it would be releasing the first public preview of its Ubuntu OS for mobile phones, which would be made...

How to use Maps Go, the new ‘Lite’ version of Google...

Learn how to use Maps Go, the new lite version of Google Maps designed for low end devices.

Facebook Messenger video calls rolled out worldwide

Now Facebook Messenger video calls have officially arrived to the whole globe.

The new Plant vs Zombies Heroes for Android—leaked!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes is a trading card game openly inspired on Blizzard’s Hearthstone but deploying all the imagery of the saga.

Facebook Local: the new app to replace Events

The events app from Facebook has been relaunched as Facebook Local, offering way more features and attempting to become a successful stand-alone app.

Death by Black Friday

Here is the international impact of Black Friday: United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Hungary, and Spain are the countries with the most most related searches.

Reddit to allow users to upload videos to its platform

Reddit continues to add new features to its platform and from now on will allow Redditors to play videos natively.