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Wild Arms: Million Memories is back exclusively for smartphones

Wild Arms is back thanks to its newest Android and iOS release where you'll join up with your favorite characters all over again.

The new Opera 41 starts up some 86% faster

La nueva versión 41 de Opera incluye un modo de arranque rápido del navegador aunque la sesión haya guardado muchas pestañas, mejorando el arranque en frío.

Uptodown sponsors Indie Zone at FreakCon 2022

The open call to participate in the Indie Zone at FreakCon 2022 has just been announced and will take place on March 5 and 6. Uptodown is sponsoring the event and offers its app store as a platform to showcase all participating games.

Now available: Rabbids Heroes, a HearthStone from Ubisoft

Rabbids Heroes is a collectible card game starring the crazy rabbits form Ubisoft. Download the APK for Android here.

Instagram now lets viewers participate in Live broadcasts

It may be starting to sound repetitive, but the fact is that Instagram keeps adding new features every few weeks that invariably add something...

Brawl Stars welcomes Bibi to its new Retropolis

The new Brawl Stars update introduces Bibi and adapts settings to include retro elements.

Precio Luz review: updated hour-by-hour electricity rates

The price of electricity changes every hour, but with this app you'll be able to know how much it costs at any given time so you can control your expenses.

Facebook Messenger video calls rolled out worldwide

Now Facebook Messenger video calls have officially arrived to the whole globe.

Enrichment of Social network with advancement in technology

According to a recent survey, it has been estimated that with introduction of modern technological gadgets including Smartphones and tablets, number of people using...

Duolingo now offers a new and improved learning system

Duolingo has completely revamped its learning system to make it easier to focus on the areas you need most.