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Chrome 60 lets you pick your default search engine

After the recent legal problems suffered in Russia, the latest version of Google Chrome for Android has added an option to change the default search engine used by the home screen widget.

Gunstar Heroes is now available for free on Android

Gunstar Heroes is one of the indisputable classics from Mega Drive and now you can play it for free on Android thanks to its arrival on SEGA Forever.

A trojan has been detected in Skype that uses your computer...

Kaspersky Lab, an antivirus company, discovered malware last week that is transmitted through Skype. The malware takes control of your computer, then forces it...

First beta for Nokia Here Maps now available for Android

A maps and travel-assistance service from Nokia has finally come to fruition with the leak of a fully functional beta for Android.

The most-used passwords of 2014

Using data collected during the use of its own data-protection tool, today SplashData published a list of the 25 most-used passwords in 2014.

Doodle Draw: The first game for Facebook Messenger

Doodle Draw, a clone of Draw Something, turns out to be the first game that works exclusively on Facebook Messenger.

Five new Facebook features soon to be rolled out

Changes in the privacy policy, a song ID system, new dating options, a reportedly private instant messaging app, and even an integrated antivirus.

Final version of Firefox 18 now available

Towards the end of November 2012, Mozilla released the Firefox 18 beta version. Now the final version of the Firefox 18 browser has been...

The best Bitcoin apps for Android

We put together a selection of the best free Android apps on the world of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

A new, totally revamped client for Tumblr on iOS and Android

Tumblr, the famouse microblogging service, has just revamped its official app for smartphones.