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You can download and play Minecraft Earth on Android right now!

Minecraft Earth is now available for download on Android and there's no need for a VPN to start enjoying the game from Mojang.

Five things you didn’t know about emoticons

Everything you need to know about emoticons: origin, differences with emojis, the most used ones and how are brain works when you see them!

Napster’s come back

Those of us who were lucky enough to have an Internet connection in the late 90’s were the first to be introduced to P2P...

WhatsApp now lets you mark messages as favorites

Mark phrases that your contacts send you as favorites, show cards with enriched content and previews for the links you receive.

Twitter accounts hacked, compromising the security of 250,000 users

Twitter publicly announced that it had detected a series of attempts to access its network throughout previous week, which means that the hackers were able...

Huawei can’t count on Android or Google apps anymore

Google and Huawei have severed their ties due to a government ban imposed by the president of the United States.

Brawl Stars is the new game from the creators of Clash...

The developers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale have given the first glimpses of their new game: Brawl Stars, a MOBA with 3 on 3 combats.

[E3 2017] Minecraft players on Android soon to be able to...

Mojang has announced during the Microsoft conference in E3 2017 that Minecraft will be cross-platform, including the Pocket Edition for Android.

How to record WhatsApp voice messages without holding down the mic...

The latest WhatsApp beta lets you record audio in the background – even when the app is minimized.

AirDroid has finally fixed its security issues

Rest at ease thanks to the new AirDroid fixes that resolved their until now lagging security issues in the latest update to the popular app.