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Star Wars: Rivals is now available for Android (Unreleased)

Star Wars: Rivals is the latest Star Wars game for Android where you participate in third-person battles with legends from the saga.

National Taco Day may be over but these taco-flavored games are...

This week we celebrated National Taco Day and put together a selection of games that have this memorable street food as their main element.

A new Legendary Card comes to Clash Royale: The Night Witch

Clash Royale has added a new member to its family of cards: the Night Witch is a Legendary Card that's sure to provide lots to talk about.

Pokémon GO gets an update – and celebrates with a special event

PokémonGO is on the prowl again for new players and has introduced important features this month including a temporary event with free prizes.

Microsoft introduces a new version of Minecraft for smartphones which includes...

This upcoming 17th of May, the mysterious game will be officially introduced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original game.

Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 [APK] Play now!

You can already download and install Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 onto your smartphone even though the final international release isn't officially out yet.

Space Harrier II Classic is another old-school SEGA hit to play...

Space Harrier II Classic is one of the biggest legends for SEGA Genesis, thanks to its retro-futuristic aesthetic that you can now enjoy on Android.

Relive the famous TV show on your smartphone with Battlestar Galactica:...

Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons es un videojuego que nos permite disfrutar de todo lo acontecido durante la serie de sci-fi. Hora de acabar con los Cylons.

Fire Emblem Heroes now out on Android

Fire Emblem Heroes -- the newest release from the legendary saga is out now to download free on Android for your enjoyment. Get the latest Nintendo game on your smartphone, now.

Google Allo–the coming of the instant-messaging messiah

Google Allo is put now to download and run for Android! This instant-messaging app is ready for a showdown with WhatsApp themselves.