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Files Go now lets you freely explore the folders on your...

The new update includes an APK analyzer, an integrated multimedia player, and also lets you freely explore the internal memory of your device.

Skype for Android lets you locally record videomessages

The newest version of Skype for Android incorporates recording of received videomessages.

Google Latitude is shut down and replaced with Google+ Locations

After the official shutting down of Google Reader, the Internet giant decided to end another one of its services with the recent version of...

[E32019] The Elder Scrolls Blades 1.1 version is now available

The new update includes several changes and gives away unique objects if you log in during E3.

Evernote Hack Affects 50 Million Users

Evernote now joins Twitter, Apple, and Facebook on the list of companies attacked by hackers in recent weeks. The company said in a statement...

Twitter removes the 140-character limit on DMs

From July 1, Dick Costolo will no longer be the company’s CEO, and one of its founders, Jack Dorsey, will return to the helm.

Z Launcher for Android is officially launched in beta phase

Z Launcher adapts your desktop to your daily habits depending on the time of day.

New versions of Opera will be based on Chromium

A few days ago, Opera publicly announced that its web browser has reached the noteworthy figure of 300 million active users, counting not just...

SayWhat explains idioms in 10-second videos

An odd way to make sense of local or odd expressions in videos of up to 10 seconds that can be uploaded by users

Amazon launches its own virtual currency

The virtual money fever had already arrived, and now we can say that it is here for good. When one of the most powerful...