Until recently, one of the most efficiently sadistic forms of torture in the digital world consisted of trying to type and publish a blog post from a smartphone or tablet. Luckily, WordPress took note and several months ago redesigned its official app to enormously improve client usability. Now WordPress for Android has reached maturity with its new version 3.0.

What’s so interesting about this version is its emphasis on making the app less ‘baroque’, as we saw in the now outmoded version 2.3, with the only things appearing on the screen now being the minimum needed to manage your blogs easily. Both the posting and entry-editing systems and the comment moderation and stats display (if you use the Jetpack plugin) are easy to use.


The new version includes a series of minor changes that make the app even more robust, among them browsing between entries with a horizontal swipe, automatic refresh of updates, and the option to straightforwardly add geolocation data to your post, as well as a few other minor bug fixes.


Thus, any complications in using the WordPress app arise exclusively from the nature and dimensions of the device being used, with the interface adapting to the size of the screen and making its use on tablet almost as versatile as blog management from desktops themselves. How the story has changed.


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