Kim Dotcom just announced on his Twitter account that the new platform that will succeed Megaupload will be released on January 19th, coinciding with the anniversary of the raid carried out after its directors and head personnel were indicted last year, including Kim, its main creator.

Megaupload Mega regreso cabecera The new Megaupload will arrive on January 19th

The new service is called Mega, which will incorporate very similar features to those of its predecessor, and even allows Megaupload premium account users to access their data again, yes, that data which has been inaccessible. The main difference lies precisely in the ownership and control of the uploaded data. From now on, uploads from users will be encrypted so that the service proprietors can’t know what kind of material is being stored on their systems, which is why the client will be the only one that can access his/her own data.

In addition, said data will be housed on different servers dispersed throughout the world, the number of which will grow as the network begins working and additional nodes are created as the number of users grows. All these measures are evidently aimed towards avoiding legal issues that they have undergone in the past. In fact, under the new terms and conditions is the obligation that users, distributors, and companies sign a contract in which any type of lawsuit is prohibited if they use the Mega services.

Mega will arrive just a short time before Megablog also begins service, which is another project from Kim Dotcom with which he hopes to launch a music streaming service that can compete with iTunes and Spotify. Without a doubt, this man’s aspirations know no limits



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