Starting this week, Facebook is releasing a feature called Photo Sync, which automatically uploads the photos taken with your iOS and Android smartphones to your account on the popular social network, where they will be placed in a private album so you can later choose how to share them.

Facebook Photo Sync cabecera Photo Sync: Facebook enables automatic photo upload on smartphones

Although Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is promoting this new feature as a practical tool for sharing your photos quickly and conveniently, automatic upload of photos to Facebook offers both advantages and disadvantages, making it a double-edged sword.

By making this feature available, the biggest social network in the world has followed in the steps of Google+, which some time ago made available the automatic storage of images taken on Android devices. In the same way, those who use Dropbox on their smartphones have the option to automatically upload to their private cloud account the photos they take from their phone.

Facebook has been testing Photo Sync since August with certain users, and now it has officially launched the service. To find out if this feature is available for your device, you will have to go to the Facebook app, and if you see a message that says, “Make sharing photos easier,” it is because the service is now available to you.

Facebook Photo Sync captura Photo Sync: Facebook enables automatic photo upload on smartphones

When you use the feature for the first time, Facebook will upload to the social network all the photos you have saved on your phone, where they will be saved in an album titled “Photos synced with mobile phone.” Then, all you have to do is decide what you want to do with them (delete them, include them in a public album on your profile, etc.).

The problem with this service is that any user with little computer skills could accidentally activate the public view on the photos by accident. Their pictures will automatically be uploaded via Photo Sync, and their private images will be exposed to everyone they are connected with on the network.

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