With the newest Apple products just introduced, Microsoft just went public with a video that has more details about its revolutionary keyboard for the Surface. And no, we’re not being sarcastic. Although it may seem strange, the oldest dog of all has a new trick, and it’s not just a change in screen size. Microsoft is stressing what has always been important -a focus on production – a bonus in the tablet world, which can end up giving value to this little device for many users.

Surface teclado novedades Surface Touch Cover in Detail: Ultra thin, and as fast as a laptop

The truth is that Microsoft is keeping the true capabilities of the keyboard under wraps, but they are saying that with a bit of training you can produce content, write emails, compose documents, or plan your day with as much efficiency as with your laptop. If this is true, with a thickness of just 3mm and a design factor that doesn’t add volume at all to the device, this would be a true innovation, one that we hope Nexus and Apple can measure up to.

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 RT is already available for pre-order and will be available for sale to the public on the 28th of this month.



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