Facebook Messenger Lite now offers video chat

Facebook has added a new feature to Messenger Lite: we can now make and receive video calls in the lightweight version of one of the most popular communication apps of our time.

Five apps to enjoy Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Valentine's Day is a special day for many couples, but if you're single you can also enjoy this day. More so with these five apps we recommend.

YouTube adds quick rewind and fast-forward gestures in latest app update

YouTube updated its Android app to include the option to move forward or backward 10 seconds based on simple gestures.

How to virtualize an Android device from a smartphone

There are a few different ways to virtualize an Android device from a smartphone or tablet using streaming and remote control.
Dollify faces

Dollify, the new popular app to create portraits of your avatar

Dollify is an app that lets you create customize portraits to use as avatars on apps, games or social networks.

PUBG Mobile receives the new Miramar Desert map

The Lightspeed version of PUBG Mobile has received a new update and now lets users play the Miramar map from the PC version.

Firefox version 52 is out and gets rid of several plugins...

The web browser Firefox has reached its version 52 with a good bag of news and with the farewell of several plugins like Java and Silverlight.

8 alternatives to Super Mario Run on Android

Super Mario Run is one of this year's last big hits. Fortunately although it's not yet out for Android, we've compiled a list of games to the popular Nintendo game.

Tumblr now includes stickers and filters in its app

Tumblr's Android app now allows you to use stickers and filters in its latest update.

New version of TeamViewer and support for Windows 8 RT

Finally Windows 8 is here, and with Microsoft’s new operating system on the market, many program updates are being released. In this case we...