The latest PUBG Mobile 0.12 upgrade is about to come out fresh out of the oven. After their incredibly successful collaboration with Capcom Resident Evil 2, which was released this past month February, the survival modes have been strengthened and other related game modes have been added as a way to help you face the unending mobs of zombies. And let’s not forget about the other bunch of smaller changes that have been included. The official launching date is set for April 17th, so it’ll be automatically unlocked at some point during the day. The upgrade is already available but you can’t see the latest news as of yet.

PUBG mobile 0 12 darkest night The 0.12.0 PUBG Mobile latest upgrade arrives today

We were able to witness some of the latest features thanks to the previous upgrade on the PUBG Mobile Beta. But, it’s now available in the game’s actual channel. These are the most significant changes:

  • The EvoZone replaces the Event Mode and includes all the special gaming modes. New modes, such as Survive the Night, are now included. New modes will also be included in the future.
  • The Darkest Night, which is a new game mode, changes the game’s premise. This time, you won’t jump off a plane. Instead, you’ll appear at a random location of the map and you’ll have to survive entire mobs of zombies for three nights while you form alliances with the rest of the players. Your main objective is simply to make sure that your team prevails.
  • There are several changes to the Survive the Night mode: Upgrades to the existing weapons, new zombies (jumping zombies, zombie dogs, etc.) and some of them can even climb walls.
  • There’s an unending list of small changes that you can check out in the official webpage’s changelog.

PUBG Mobile for Android available in Uptodown [APK] | Download



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