PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular free mobile battle royale, if not the most. But if we dig a bit, we might find out that it has another version with a very similar name, although slightly different: Battlegrounds Mobile India. Is it a copy? No, not at all: it is also a video game developed by Krafton Inc. but exclusively focused on India. It features some differences compared to the original and, as of today, it is also banned in the country. Here is everything you need to know about this version.

What is Battlegrounds Mobile?

Much like PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile is a free-to-play mobile battle royale. You control a customizable character with outfits that don’t affect gameplay and parachute into a series of large maps where you arrive without any equipment. You will have to decide where to land in order to equip yourself well, and search for weapons, ammunition and armor. The goal is to become the last player standing, so you will have to survive (alone or with others) as the map narrows.

What are the differences between Battlegrounds Mobile and PUBG?

There are hardly any differences between Battlegrounds Mobile India and the original, PUBG Mobile. It should be noted that it is practically the same game, but adapted to the Indian market, because it has to meet other regulations and specifications that are not required in the rest of the world. That said, taking advantage of the requirement that this specific version was, Krafton Inc. has incorporated a whole series of changes and improvements that are not in the original game. For instance:

  • No blood: Blood effects have been deactivated to reduce the game’s violence.
  • Softer vocabulary: Terms changes, like “killed” been replaced by “finished”, for example.
  • Pop-up warnings: Pop-up warnings appear on the screen to remind you that this is a video game, not reality.
  • Exclusive to India: Initially, Indian players are the only ones who can access the game.
  • Better performance? This version is said to run better and more smoothly.
  • Own events: There are activities and competitions exclusive to this version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: dark-haired character dressed in plaid shirt and jeans, wearing glasses.

Why is Battlegrounds Mobile banned in India?

Indian authorities decided to ban access to Battleground Mobile India in July 2022, shortly after the game surpassed 100 million registered users in the country.

It is difficult to pinpoint a single reason for this ban, but it seems that problems with excessive playing time contributed a lot: the Indian government was concerned about the number of hours its citizens were devoting to this popular battle royale, so they decided to take action. It is also believed that the violent representations of the game have had something to do with it, hence the decision to lower them in this version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: three dark-dressed characters aiming their weapons

Although it has been removed from the main app stores, Battleground Mobile India can still be downloaded from other markets. However, those responsible for the game assure that they are working to make it available again through the usual channels—although, as of today, no progress seems to have been made in this regard.

Can I play Battlegrounds Mobile India from another country?

Although it is a game limited to a very specific territory, if you want to play Battlegrounds Mobile India from another country, you can, even if you do not live there. Downloading the game is easy, since all you have to do is access its page on Uptodown and install it on your smartphone. However, it can be a bit more complicated to find games afterward: the game itself can detect that you are not in India and prevent you from playing with other people. The main workaround that is usually offered is to use VPNs for mobiles that allow you to change the location of your device.