PUBG (an acronym for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”) was a real revolution in video games in 2017. The battle royale has swept all its aspects, becoming one of the toughest contenders in the genre. Therefore, Tencent decided to launch PUBG Mobile— the smartphone version of the legendary PC and console title. The game is really similar, including practically all the functionalities included in the desktop versions. This time we show you how to become the king of the battlefield by discovering the best weapons to confront your opponents.

The best weapons in PUBG Mobile

To become the master of the battlefield, you need different qualities: patience, the ability to avoid conflict until you start from a position of advantage, and, above all, to have an arsenal with which to devastate your enemies without them having any capacity to respond. Therefore, on this occasion, we tell you which are the best weapons in PUBG Mobile, dividing them according to their class within the game.

The best assault rifles in PUBG Mobile

A PUBG Mobile player taking on the barren world before him in this battle royale

PUBG Mobile is a game where long distances are decisive. For this reason, most players tend to opt for solutions with high magnification sights that allow them to keep a low profile by not being easily spotted by enemies. However, close-quarter combat is sometimes unavoidable. So, when you are surrounded by enemy fire, you will want to have these weapons in your arsenal.

Screenshot of the PUBG Mobile groza assault rifle with its features

  1. The “AKM” assault rifle. The classic Kalashnikov could not be missing in a video game. This rifle shines for its single-shot capability since it can eliminate an opponent with only two shots.
  2. It is closely followed by the “Groza” assault rifle, a real machine for defeating enemies due to its extremely high rate of fire. It causes 49 points of damage, creating a deadly fire barrier against any enemy that enters its radius of action.
  3. It shares the podium with the “M416”— possibly one of the best multi-shot weapons with a long range. Thus, this assault rifle can be used repeatedly at medium range, allowing for greater versatility than its other counterparts.

Sniper rifles and DMRs: the best weapons in PUBG Mobile

We come to the kings of PUBG Mobile. On such an immense battlefield, it is reasonable to think that the weapons that prevail over the rest are those that operate very well at a long distance. Therefore, it is clear that sniper rifles and DMRs (designated marksman rifles) have become the key to the game’s meta if we want to survive the harsh conditions imposed by the game itself. The difference between one type of weapon and another is the distance they cover— sniper rifles have a greater range.

Screenshot of the PUBG Mobile's AWM weapon

  • The “AWM” has become PUBG Mobile’s best weapon in its own right. It is versatile, has a great range of effect, and its power makes enemies fall with practically a single shot. However, getting it is complicated, as it only arrives through air packages.
  • It is closely followed by the “MK14”— an incredibly versatile weapon. It can be used practically as an assault rifle, while at the same time, it does much damage and has a great range of action. It is only available by air packages.
  • On the other hand, the “M24” is a very classic sniper rifle with incredible damage and an above-average shooting capacity.
  • Finally, we find the “Kar98K”, a World War II rifle that stands out because it is very easy to obtain. Although it is slightly inferior to the rest, it allows you to move in the early game with great dexterity.

The best shotguns in PUBG Mobile

These are the best possible weapons to leave your opponents like a sieve at close range. Shotguns reward firepower at the expense of the rate of fire. However, they are indeed unrivaled for short distances. A shotgun may be your best companion if you must go through a camp while looting.

Screenshot of the best shotgun for PUBG Mobile: the S12K

  • The “S12K” is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon in its class. It has a wider range than other shotguns, allowing more distant combat. Even so, it is advisable to fight at short distances, where it becomes a real fire-spitting machine because it is semi-automatic.
  • The “S1897” is also an option but is slower than the S12K. Its firepower is beyond question, and you can easily take down an enemy with a single shot.

The best submachine guns in PUBG Mobile

The truth is that in the meta, submachine guns are losing their place to other much more dynamic weapons. However, they offer great performance for close-range engagements if you are not convinced by shotguns.

Screenshot of the PUBG Mobile's Vector submachine gun

  • In first place and without any competition is the “Vector”. It is a weapon that, with an extended magazine, offers unequaled performance in its category.
  • Also recommended is the “UMP45”— a weapon with almost no recoil but a very low rate of fire. It may not be powerful enough for short distances, but at medium distances, it works really well.

What is the best weapon in PUBG Mobile?

In many cases, the best weapon depends on your style of play. Obviously, if your style of play is more direct, shotguns will be the best suited to it. However, in the game’s meta, the most useful and powerful weapon is considered to be… ¡the AWM!

As previously mentioned, this sniper rifle takes down any enemy with a single shot. It also has the largest range of action in the entire game so that you can fight in large areas of the map from an advantageous position. However, to get the AWM, you will have to raid an air package, so you will probably have to shoot your way through to get it.