Update 2.3 of PUBG Mobile, the successful battle royale from Tencent, is now available! This time, the game’s new version comes with a spectacular collaboration: Lionel Messi jumps onto the field, bringing with him a true celebration of the king of sports. Those who enjoy soccer are in luck, because this new Cycle 3 Season 9 update comes loaded with new features, like a new game mode, a new map and special content, plus the usual enhancements and additional fixes in this type of update.

Football Carnival, Erangel’s new area

One of this update’s main new features is the arrival of Football Carnival, a new special area that replaces the mine pit on Erangel’s map. It is a soccer complex with a unique architecture in which to take full advantage of PUBG Mobile’s new gameplay.

For example, the entire area is surrounded by a kind of golden track through which you can move as a ball thanks to the new single-player vehicle. Shuttles have also been added, allowing you to quickly jump to other map areas; a Prize Room with rewards; and a Respawn Card, so the fun never ends.

Image promoting Football Mania, with a PUBG character aiming the ball at a golden building

Additional changes in Erangel

Erangel has not only received this new area: there are new soccer features all over the map, which is now full of arenas where you can try to score goals and get rewards. On the starting island, you will also find soccer-themed objects, and certain things now look different, such as the soccer flare gun (which replaces the normal one) or the aerial supplies (which are now in the shape of a golden ball). On the map, there are also Giga Footballs, giant soccer balls with special rewards.

Promotial image showing a PUBG character reaching for the ball

Football Mania: new game mode and special items

Map changes come along with new PUBG Mobile gameplay. Yes, we are talking about Football Mania, an event introducing tons of new features in this battle royale. For instance, from now on, you can find the following themed items:

  • Messi’s Golden Shoes: use them to sprint much faster and feint to dodge enemy shots—although you will not be able to carry firearms.
  • Wonder Football: use it when kicking the ball, and it will generate a force field that will attract the opponents—ideal for getting them out of their cover.
  • Zorb Football Vehicle: a new individual vehicle to turn you into a giant soccer ball. Allies can kick you to send you far away, and it can be saved in the inventory.


Moreover, since Football Mania is an event, not only will you find new features in the gameplay, but also very special bonuses and temporary items. For example, a prediction system related to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in which to vote for the team you think will win each match and receive a very special reward if you get it right. There will also be multipliers in each day’s first two qualifying games, popularity rankings, and much more.

More news in PUBG Mobile’s 2.3 update

News in Erangel and Livik

As if adding Erangel‘s Football Carnival wasn’t enough, PUBG Mobile’s 2.3 update brings new important features to this map. On the one hand, three new cable car routes have been added. On the other, there is a new advanced Supply Warehouse that can only be accessed by finding the security pass beforehand. There is also a new object, a Vehicle Radar that will allow you to scan for vacant vehicles nearby.

Livik will also receive new features in PUBG Mobile’s 2.3 update. Specifically, two new weather conditions: dawn and twilight. Furthermore, the steel mill area has been redesigned to improve the combat experience between players.

Firearms, vehicle and interface updates

Naturally, this PUBG Mobile update could not miss the usual weapon and vehicle tweaks. In particular, three weapons’ damage (Kar98K, M24 and AWM) and the NS2000’s firing performance while aiming down sights and the new reloading action. As for vehicles, further handling improvements have been made to Mountain Bikes.



There are also new interface features, like new icons that help to better understand if an opponent has been eliminated, when and with what weapon. In addition, some icons have been retouched to avoid blocking the view while playing, and from now on, when you are down, you can resort to the scope to use items on the field.

Regarding social news, there is a new two-player pose and a new Synergy sharing option that will allow you to help newcomers or receive help from regular players.

New Season promo image showing a female character wearing new purple clothing and accessories

Cycle 3 Season 9, PUBG Mobile’s new season content

Finally, PUBG Mobile’s 2.3 update will give way to the new season of this battle royale. We are talking about Cycle 3 Season 9, which will be available shortly after the arrival of the game’s latest version. In the new battle pass, you’ll find C3T9’s outfit, parachute and goggles, as well as many other legendary items. A new Tier Goal System has also been implemented, to set your own goals and overcome new self-defined challenges. Additionally, this season will see the launch of the Official Aftermath Mode, expected to arrive in December, ushering in the start of a major update.