Since the user “PlayerUnknown” launched his own video game in 2017, the community around PUBG has only grown. The title has become a true mass phenomenon. Therefore, it is not surprising that, sooner or later, PUBG Mobile came out and became a real revolution in the mobile gaming market. And with the quality of this mobile adaptation of the battle royale par excellence, it is no surprise that it has become one of the most popular games on the mobile market.

The importance of a good strategy in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has, among its strongest points, the ability to bring the best of simulation to a tactical shooter that, in reality, is more in line with the arcade side of the game. Therefore, it is not enough to fall into any map area and start shooting like a headless chicken. It is important to have a clear strategy, a thoughtful route, and a fairly high level of patience to determine when it is worthwhile to start fighting with the players around you.

It is very important to understand that to master PUBG Mobile you don’t have to be the one who kills the most. Nor should you be the most aggressive player. To control the game, the player must never forget that survival is the key. In fact, those who have mastered the game perfectly can finish the game without expending an entire magazine.

Configure PUBG Mobile to your liking

PUBG settings screenshot

This is a vital tip in PUBG Mobile and any other game. To dominate the battlefield, you must configure the game options in the way that best suits you. When you play a video game, it is pretty common that you do not get used to the default sensitivity, that you cannot control the camera accurately, or that the game simply jerks because you have not configured the graphics properly. For this reason, it is necessary to take into account the following:

  • Adjust your graphic quality in a smart way. Sometimes setting the game in “ultra” quality makes you see more details than you should. The quality of the grass can make you not see your enemy, and he can see you if you hide. In addition, performance is very important— one fps less can mean defeat.
  • Choose the game mode that best suits you. If you like to play in first person, you can do it. If it is something you do not put up with and you prefer to see the environment, use the third person. You can change this mode in “Settings”.
  • Activate the shooting assistance if you are not good at aiming. Don’t be hard on yourself, and don’t judge yourself for it. Aiming on a mobile device is much more difficult. Thus, PUBG Mobile allows in “Settings” to choose assisted shooting. Do not miss the opportunity, as it is very important.
  • There are other equally important options. For example, you can activate or deactivate the automatic looting of what you find or the automatic opening of doors. Think carefully about whether these features benefit you, as they can be turned against you.

Impossible to play with touch mode? There are alternatives

Let’s be honest. The touch control is very comfortable to talk to our friends via WhatsApp, watch videos and play some very simple arcade games. However, playing shooters can become really complicated or even impossible. Having very large or sweaty hands can crucially work against us.

The truth is that there are alternatives in all price ranges. It is as easy as connecting a console controller to our mobile device or buying one designed exclusively for smartphones. Thus, we will turn the cell phone into a real portable console.

Screenshot of PUBG game with three players aiming enemies

We can also play it directly through a computer. One of the best ways to do this is through GameLoop— a Tencent application that allows you to emulate games directly on your computer. Installing it is very simple:

  • Access the PUBG Mobile page on Uptodown.
  • Click on “Play on PC”.
  • A new application will be downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • When you install it, run it, and it will automatically download PUBG Mobile to your computer.

Where to fall in PUBG Mobile

This is quite controversial, as no two games are the same. It is very difficult to give precise coordinates to fall and find loot very easily and without competition. In PUBG Mobile, the areas with the best loot are usually crowded with enemies shooting at each other. Consequently, these areas should be off-limits if you are a novice player. The areas with the highest rewards are the military base, the pier, and the bunkers.

  • The military base is the most dangerous place in PUBG. As it is surrounded by bridges, ambushes are the order of the day, so it is not particularly advisable to access this area. You can go around the surrounding apartment area. There is generous loot in this place, and you can also “hunt” unsuspecting enemies.
  • The pier is also very dangerous. Being an industrial port, it is full of containers with loot but also brimming with enemies.
  • The bunkers are a good option in order to get succulent loot without encountering many enemies. However, they are still dangerous places, so be vigilant and do not neglect the rear.

Which weapon to choose in PUBG Mobile

There are some very good weapons in PUBG Mobile, and, in fact, we review the best ones ourselves in this post. Some are decisive in winning. At close range, an assault rifle or submachine gun is useful. Unfortunately for lovers of close-quarters combat, the truth is that long distances are dominant in PUBG Mobile, so you need to have a long-range weapon to beat your enemies.

Screenshot of the PUBG weapons section with the AWM in the foreground

Generally, the “AWM” sniper rifle is considered the best weapon in the game. Its range, accuracy, and ability to eliminate enemies in one shot make it decisive. However, it is very difficult to achieve. A quick and cheap option is the “kar98k”. This German rifle is old but still gives a lot of war thanks to its incredible accuracy.

Other tips for mastering PUBG Mobile

Some secondary tips can also be decisive when playing PUBG Mobile and enjoying this game. It is a very extensive, complex game that allows a very detailed configuration to adapt it to your taste.

  • Do not shoot if you are not sure you will kill the enemy. Showing him your position can be fatal. Try to make one shot a casualty.
  • While healing, you can move only in the final healing moments. Take advantage of this to move with speed.
  • Watch the sky continuously and listen carefully if you hear an airplane’s arrival.  The supply packages arrive by air and have highly coveted weapons— such as the “AWM”— only found there.
  • The map is your best friend. Look at it whenever you can and make sure you are going in the right direction.
  • Surround the enclosure areas. Don’t go directly to the center, or you will be easy prey.
  • Silence toxic members of your squad. You play to enjoy yourself, not to be insulted. If you can, inform on them.
  • Always move. Standing still in an open area is a death sentence.