Valentine’s Day is one of those days when googly-eyed couples fill restaurants, buy a zillion roses, and enjoy lovely moonlit evenings. Or maybe not? Yes, I’m talking to you, my unpartnered friend. You don’t need to have a significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Hence why we’ve brought you this collection of five Android apps to enjoy this special day even in the absence of a lover’s fervent gaze to swear undying love into.

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Tinder (and Lovoo, Grindr, Wapa…)

If you’re single and uncommitted it’s a good time to meet someone to go out with – or just spend a bit of time with. And there are certainly options for that. In fact, these days there are tons of apps to meet interesting people. We’re cheating a bit with our five-pick post as here we’re throwing a few extras to help you meet people nearby, whatever your gender or sexual orientation.

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tinder screenshot Five apps to enjoy Valentine's Day when you're single


Let’s say you actually have met someone to go out with. If you end up eating out in some spiffy restaurant, there’s no better way split a tab than with Splitwise. Perfect for avoiding that awkward moment when you don’t know whether to pay the whole tab or slip off to the bathroom and never come back. With this app you can keep perfect track of your budget for the date. No surprises. No drama. Nothing but smiles. [Download]



Want to go out on V Day but don’t fancy being on your lonesome? No problem – that’s why there’s Meetup. This brilliant app lets you meet people with similar tastes, join a fan club, and attend related events. The variety depends on where you live, as its users themselves who create the groups. An app that will serve to take you to museums, to wine dates, to language exchanges, to poetry slams, and much more. [Download]


Just Eat

Nothing better than celebrating Valentine’s Day with a full belly. And if you don’t fancy cooking, ordering takeaway is the best way to enjoy a night in the pleasure of your own company. Just Eat has places for all wallets and all bellies. Chinese food? Something more traditional? The always spot-on hamburger? There are all the options you can think of (though obviously it also depends on where you live). [Download]

Just Eat

Netflix (and HBO, Filmin, Amazon Prime Video…)

The perfect way to entertain your solo self on this special day: a good movie. The difference between all the options here is their catalogues of films and TV shows. If you want tons of content and quality series, Netflix is your best bet. For the best shows ever made, then it’s gotta be HBO. If what you want is great indie cinema, Filmin is a good option. And the fourth wheel is Amazon Prime Video with its offering of quite interesting series. Yes, we cheated again with the extra app, but the main thing is that we get you some options to enjoy a great day. You don’t mind, anyway, do you?

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Netflix Android


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