Netflix has become the most popular subscription streaming service in the last few years. Its wide catalog and great potential make it impossible for us to live without it. But although many users may find this a very attractive service, they may be a bit reluctant to subscribe to a monthly fee-based service. Luckily, Netflix does not limit sharing the account with several devices to pay less.

Netflix running on a smartphone

There are several reasons why some users opt not to subscribe to Netflix: the price is considered excessive, there are doubts regarding the payment cancellation or they are unwilling to share personal details with the service. They do not know, however, that the platform offers an option that is perfect for them: using several screens simultaneously. That is, the possibility to share an account and watch Netflix content simultaneously on more than one device. You can share a Netflix account and pay just a couple euros per month without any watch time limit of any kind.

This is an interesting option that does not compromise your privacy, even if you share the account with others. With a Netflix account, you can have your own personal profile, with your own recommendations, without affecting any other user using the same login credentials.

Netflix profiles: choosing the profile with which to open the app

This is perfect for the elderly, people that do not own a credit card, families, friends or people in general who do not want to share their bank details over the Internet. All they have to do is pay the “owner” of the account, who will indeed need to use a credit card. It is also great for those looking to save a few euros by joining others in sharing an account and the associated expenses. Netflix offers several plans, depending on how many people will share the account and the price you’re willing to pay. Here they are.

Netflix dashboard

Planes de Netflix para compartir cuenta

Netflix offers three different streaming plans, depending on how many people will be sharing the account— that is, how many people will be able to watch TV series and movies simultaneously. Regardless of the plan you choose, you can install the Netflix app on as many devices as you want. The only limit will be the number of them that can run it at the same time:

  • Basic: this plan allows you to stream Netflix TV series and movies in standard definition (SD) on only one device at the same time. Downloading episodes or movies is also allowed on one device only. The Basic plan costs €7.99/mo. and allows you to create up to five profiles.
  • Standard: with it, you can watch Netflix TV series and movies in high definition (HD)—when available— on up to two devices at the same time. You can also download Netflix titles on up to two smartphones or tablets. It’s priced at €12.99/mo. and allows you to create up to five different profiles.
  • Premium: this is the most comprehensive plan, of course. With it, you can watch Netflix content on up to four devices at the same time; that is, up to four people can share the account and watch any Netflix content included in its catalog whenever and wherever they want. And in Ultra HD quality—whenever available. The Premium plan costs €17.99/mo. and allows you to create up to five profiles.

Table showing the different Netflix plans described

These are the three plans offered by Netflix upon subscription. Now, you can search for other people to share the account with, depending on the amount of money you’re willing to spend and the plan that best suits you. Once you’ve chosen your plan, one of the users that will be sharing it needs to sign in and pay it on a monthly basis.

After creating the account, they will need to share the credentials with the rest of the users. This does not mean they will all be accessing Netflix in the same fashion or compromising their privacy, as the next step will be to create customized profiles so that each user can access the service as if they were the only ones in it.

How to create a Netflix user profile

You can add up to five different profiles to your Netflix account, regardless of the plan you’ve subscribed to. To do so, go to the Manage profiles menu in the app. Use a different name for each profile you create. Bear in mind that even if they are associated with the same account, they will be independent profiles. You will be able to choose your own settings, email address, language preferences, suggestions, playback parameters, age rating, lists and reviews, as well as a recently watched titles view.

Netflix profiles and the Manage profiles option

Kids profile and parental control

Netflix features a wide kids catalog that is perfect for people with children. You won’t only find animated titles or content suited for kids without ads; you will also be able to download TV series to watch at any time offline. Kids will have their own profile, with appropriate content for their age and the corresponding restrictions. To enable it, go to the profile creation section and choose Kids. In this profile, only content rated for under age will be shown.

Different kids titles on Netflix

Furthermore, Netflix includes parental control to ensure they do not access TV series or movies that are inappropriate for them. You can define a 4-digit PIN code that they will need to enter to watch TV series or movies with an age rating higher than that set for them. Without it, the kid will not be able to access age-restricted content. You can also define that PIN code for specific TV series or movies.

Parental control options on Netflix


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