Moving freely through YouTube videos on its smartphone app could be easier, to be honest. While an option was added a while ago to let you select an exact place in the video, it doesn’t always work that well. Luckily the latest app update has kept us poor users in mind and added gesture controls to easily fast-forward or rewind through the clip.


This new feature lets you move through any video quickly and easily. You skip ahead 10 seconds in the clip if you tap twice quickly on the right side of the screen, and back up 10 seconds if you do the same on left. Fast and easy for everyone in the family.

The new gestures can be used whenever none of the playback buttons appear on your screen. Plus not only can you skip forward or backward, you can fast-forward or rewind as much as needed if you keep tapping quickly on the corresponding side of the screen. Tap three times to move 20 seconds and four times to move 30 seconds forward or back. Always in increments of 10 seconds based on the number of times you tap.

YouTube Android

We hope this update is the first of a whole pack of new gestures that make it easier to get around YouTube more fluidly on smartphones. We’ve definitely needed these features so we’re quite pleased with the additions so far. The changes have been added to version 12.03 so make sure you update your YouTube app if you haven’t already.

And don’t forget to use the new feature on our YouTube channel, where you can discover a ton of games for Android.

YouTube for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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