Happy Birthday GTA III

This Saturday is the day when Rockstar celebrates the launch of its most famous game out there. The game that made them become a...

From now on, Google Apps is no longer free

Ever since December 6th, the utility suite Google Apps, which up until then was free, became a paid service that costs $50 per year...

Gboard: The new Google keyboard that now comes with Android

Gboard is the name of the newly revamped keyboard that just arrived to the Android systems. A major change this time is that it comes with several new features and updates.

Skyrocket your business with latest Cloud computing services

Present era marks a brand new start for a latest technology called Cloud Computing which has been recently introduced by Microsoft. Over twenty years ago,...

What CES 2013 left us

The International Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas, ended on Friday, January 11. There were around 150,000 people that visited the...

Five awesome free Android apps for soon-to-be moms

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day by honoring all those soon-to-be moms out there

Everything you need to know about Ubuntu Studio 12.10

As expected, the latest Ubuntu 12.10 update also brings with it the latest versions of all of its included programs. Here we are going...

Tools for easily creating professional video presentations

By just taking a look at some of the projects and services you can find on the Internet, you will realize that the large...

Windows will no longer come preinstalled on computers starting in 2014

According to the statistics, Windows 7 is the most-used operating system in the world, which just barely in September outranked the unbeatable Windows XP,...

Uptodown now has an app for Windows 8

Windows Store, the app store for Windows 8, now has more than 20,000 applications since it was officially launched on November 26 along with...