A few days ago we shared some information about the version 17 of Firefox for Android with you. Just a week later, the Mozilla Foundation introduced the public beta version of Firefox 18, a new version of its browser for desktop computers that has exciting improvements regarding browsing speed, security, and compatibility with different computers.

Firefox 16 cabecera Firefox 18 beta version is now available: faster, PDF viewer, and Retine display support

The increase in browsing speed is thanks to IonMonkey, a new Javascript compiler that promises to increase Java execution speed by up to 26% when compared to the performance of its predecessors: TraceMonkey and JagerMonkey. Also, it will be faster when loading pages that run HTML 5 applications.

Firefox 18 disables insecure content on HTTPS connections, which protects user privacy when browsing websites that contain malware.

Mac users will also be pleased because Firefox 18 comes with Retina display support, and an integrated PDF viewer tops off the list of major new improvements to this version of Mozilla Firefox.

With these updates that make it faster and give users and developers more tools, the Mozilla Foundation is breathing new life into its browser so it can have more energy for fighting against the powerful Internet Explorer and the apparently unbeatable Google Chrome.

Firefox 18 Beta can be downloaded from the Mozilla Foundation’s official website for free.

Download Firefox 17 on Uptodown  | http://firefox.en.uptodown.com/
Official Website | http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/beta/



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