InstLife: live an entire life in just five minutes

InstLife is a free game for Android where you get to make important (and not so important) decisions throughout a life and see how chance and karma work for you.

Finally Revealed, Surprising, Google’s Search Page Redesign

Did you search for something on Google recently? Could you make out any difference in searching? To your surprise, Google has redesigned its entire...

Twitter was about to buy Instagram

The particular battle being waged between Twitter and Instagram is very interesting, and it seems to go deeper than what we knew. Twitter withdrawing...

Ubuntu for Android, the multi-platform plan from Canonical

Introducing the latest product from Canonical (for those who aren’t familiar with it yet): Ubuntu for Android. With pairing of open-source systems on your...

Performance issues with Ubuntu 12.10 on lower end computers

Lately Ubuntu has been, especially with its latest 12.04 LTS version, an ideal alternative when looking for a sturdy and light operating system for...

Five alternative browsers for Android

Our recommendations for some of the best browsers for Android that aren't the usuals. Pyrope Browser, Slimperience, Atlas Web, Flyperlink and Ghostery.

Japanese developers create an intelligent bathroom controlled by Android

Don’t get too excited, because even though it may seem like a joke, it still isn’t December 28 yet. In Japan, besides phone calls,...

Apple brings iCloud for you

iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. It appears as though Apple has just opened up the doors to their iCloud service for the first time,...

Authorities warn about malware on Android

The Internet Crime Complaint Center is a branch of one of the security agencies in the United States which just a few days ago...

Pokémon GO turns pink for Valentine’s Day event

PokémonGO put together a Valentine's Day event for you to enjoy a whole lot of free giveaways during these days. You can not miss this.