Twitter announces the development of a native Windows 8 app

Twitter has announced that it is working on the development of a native Windows 8 application. The new Microsoft operating system has been on...

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Yokai Saga is a spectacular free beat’em for Android

Yokai Saga es un videojuego de lucha espectacular para Android. Es difícil no asombrarse ante la calidad de producción que destila este juego gratuito.

Google Maps returns to iOS

Just days ago, Google Maps returned to the AppStore as a third-party application after having been substituted on iOS 6 by the less-than-precise native...

5 reasons to use Uptodown

Giving you the best service is our only goal in mind when we work. We try to offer the fastest, easiest and safest service....

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Mozilla unveils the first smartphone running Firefox OS

Mozilla has recently unveiled two smartphones as a Developer Preview, which will be the two first models available with Firefox OS. They are being...

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Adobe offers its entire CS2 product line to download for free

This is initiative is very surprising, coming from Adobe. At the latter end of 2012, Adobe ended official support for registered products from the...

Find out all about latest Twitter API rule alterations

All you API developers need to get more alert and cautious! Yes, you got it right, more cautious. This famous micro-blogging site is planning...