Many of us have seen how in recent weeks an application that had everything that is good about Whatsapp but with additional features that the already established app didn’t have has been spreading like wildfire among users of instant messaging systems. Even though LINE has been around for over a year and a half, its true rise to glory is due to the problems that began to occur in recent times with the previously mentioned service, and it has become the most successful among the large majority of availabile alternatives.

LINE cabecera Line, the best alternative to Whatsapp

LINE was born from a tragedy. The earthquake and resulting tsunami that rocked Northern Japan in March of 2011 left many of the telecomunications systems of the country offline. For many days there were constant problems with the telephone lines. The developers from the Japanese provider NHN were quick off the mark, and in record time they launched their own instant messaging service with two main incentives: multiplatform availability and the ability to make VoIP calls, both of which were truly useful precisely due to the problems that were happening in Japan.

In June of the same year the service was launched, and it could be installed on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices, in addition to being able to interact with desktop versions of the program for PC and Mac. This versatility is what has allowed its recognition to spread at an international level with surprising growth. To give you an idea, six months ago there were 30 million registered users. Today, there are more than 70.

LINE en iPhone Line, the best alternative to Whatsapp

Other features of the service lie in its capacity to share and send all kinds of files both via WiFi and 3G, in addition to having several emoticon packets for making the service more dynamic. In fact, that is one of its key ways of making money. LINE is completely free, and all that costs extra are the additional packets within the program. All the basic features are available without any cost.

To register, all you have to do is download the app from the corresponding client, whether it be Google Play, App Store, Windows Store, App World or the desktop version from its official website. Depending on the version, the only information it will ask from you is your telephone number associated with the account if you are using a smartphone or tablet, or your email for the web version. If you are using an iPod Touch or any other kind of tablet without 3G, you can assign it your phone number even though it is a different device.

In addition to the instant messaging service itself, LINE has other services: a type of social infrastructure that includes your own “wall” for posts, and a notifications by email service, in addition to many other related apps from the same developer such as a camera for taking photos, drawing software, and customized e-cards. All these are classic signs that the project is on the right track.

Ultimately, even though there is an infinite amount of similar services, LINE stands as one of the most complete and operational thanks to its multiplatform support, the large amount of add-ons that you can add to your conversations, in addition to exciting bonus services like telephone calls from within the same program as well as sending and receiving multimedia files between contacts.

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