Not more than two months ago, LINE surpassed 150 million downloads, and now the company has another reason to celebrate: The Korean instant messaging service has reached 200 million users, hot on the heels of WhatsApp. It’s true that LINE took 18 months to get to its first 100 million, but, in just half a year, it has been able to double that figure.

aplicaciones LINE

This drastic growth from WhatsApp’s main competitor has also increased the amount of downloads of its other apps, as the company has gone beyond and broadened its horizons with additional tools for the smartphone chat service, now offering apps that other services don’t have.

LINE Camera

This app, rather than being designed to achieve a more professional result with your photograph, aims to give your snapshots a fun feel with its more than 800 stickers and funny drawings, different frames, and even Instagram-style filters. You can share the photos you customize with LINE Camera directly on LINE, or on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

LINE camera

It has a ton of stickers that you can add to the photos you send to your friends just to have a fun time. You can capture a breathtaking landscape and fill it with the LINE characters. This app has a very intuitive interface, and it is very easy to use. All you have to do is take a photo, and upload it to the app to touch it up.

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This app allows you to create and send custom greeting cards to any one of your friends or LINE contacts, regardless of the type of event. The app allows you to use the basic templates, or you can customize your own, and create all different kinds of cards with custom text and stickers. Once you’ve finished creating your greeting card, just as with LINE Camera, you can save it on your phone or send it directly through LINE or email.


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LINE Brush

The last app released by LINE is a drawing tool that allows your creativity to go wild directly on your smartphone’s screen. In this case, it is only for iOS devices. LINE Brush allows you to edit photos, and add tons of different details, or create drawings from scratch with its more than 20 different brushes and other different drawing tools.

line brush

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