Skype version 6.0 for Windows and OS X is now available for download. In this version you can login with different Microsoft (MSN Messenger, Outlook, and Hotmail) and Facebook user accounts. Here we show you a few details about this integration, and the interesting news that, practically at the same time, a completely new version of Skype has been released for Windows 8.

Disponible la versión 6.0 de Skype par Windows y Mac

As we were telling you in a previous post, in the new Skype version 6.0 for Windows and Mac you can login with a Microsoft account, which will allows you to instant message and make video calls with your Messenger or Outlook contacts, for example. The same thing will happen for those who link their Skype account with their Facebook account—they will be able to easily make audio and video calls with their contacts on the social network.

Also, the new Skype version has a few changes in its interface aimed towards improving the user experience; specifically, the OS X version now has support for Retina Displays.

This of course is in regards to the “traditional” version of Skype, as a few days ago the release of the new version of this popular VoIP service was announced for Windows 8 users, which as this post is being published will be the topic of debate on all the world’s technology blogs.

Here you can watch a video that introduces the version of Skype for Windows 8.

Those who have been able to access this version of Skype for Windows 8 assure us that it is one of the strong points of the new Windows operating system, as the program integrates to perfection with the new interface of the new operating system from the company at Redmond (Let’s not forget that Microsoft acquired Skype in May of last year.).

In Windows 8, Skype is located in the start screen and provides notifications for the user. Chats and voice/video calls are available as a side bar so you can focus on another task.

The user stays logged in (but in the background) so that messages and calls appear as notifications. In other words, the program can receive messages and calls even if it isn’t open (actually, it runs in the background) and the user is using another application, as Skype will automatically notify you about new calls and instant messages you may receive. This modification is a great success for the new version of Skype for Windows 8.

Another one of the benefits of the official version of Skype for Windows 8 is that the app gives preference to the contacts you usually communicate by grouping them together so it is easier to catch up and chat with them.

Nueva versión de Skype para Windows 8

The new version of Skype for Windows 8 and Windows RT is already available for download from the Windows Store, and in both cases promises to be a faster, easier to use, and more streamlined Skype than previous versions.

In summary, we have an update from traditional Skype to version 6.0 for OS X and Windows (Windows 7, basically), and a new, completely redesigned version of this famous VoIP service for the brand-new Windows 8, with new features that will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of the new Microsoft Operating System.



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