Instagram and Twitter have completely broken ties. What does this mean? Well, that Instagram has deactivated Twitter Cards, the way it integrated its photos with the social network, such that Instagram photos no longer appear in tweets. At the same time, Twitter has released an update to its app for iOS and Android, which incorporates its own photo filters. Or, in other words, Twitter has launched its own Instagram.

Twitter ha lanzado sus filtros de fotograf%C3%ADa a la vez que Instagram desaparece de la red de microbloging Twitter Launches Twitter Photo Filters, Setting Instagram to the Side

Even still, users can continue to share their Instagram photos on the microblogging network, but they can only share the link to the photo, which can no longer be viewed from within Twitter, making you jump to Instagram’s website to view it. The motive behind doing this? To start, it’s important to note that this decision was really made by Instagram, which probably wants to reinforce its presence on the web by forcing users to access its service directly rather than using it indirectly via external services.

The rumor that Twitter was going to introduce its own photo filters had been floating around for a while, but the underlying reason is most likely due to the fact that Instagram was purchased by Facebook a while back, which explains the strained relationship that the two networks have experienced.

Also, this new feature is accompanied by the activation of the new Twitter profiles for users, in which greater importance is given to users’ photos, allowing you to upload a cover image to your profile page, very similar to Timeline on Facebook.

Getting back to the filters, the social network has made available 8 different filters, including: Vignette, Black and White, Warm, Cool, Gritty, Cinematic, Happy, and Vintage, which has become everyone’s favorite. You can apply them when you take a new photo, or when you take one from within the application itself.

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