The official presentation of the BlackBerry 10 will be on January 30th in New York. And, like usual, as the release date nears of any product as important as this, all kinds of leaks appear and go viral across the web. Here, we show you three videos in which you can see the RIM’s new mobile operating system in action, along with some of its features. We’ll also give you a first-hand look into the BlackBerry Z10’s tech specs.

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The camera app on this new smartphone includes several options, such as one for adding a filter to your photos, much like Instagram. This next video you can see a short review of the BlackBerry 10 OS camera app.

In the video below, the blog Telekom Presse reviews the voice control system. And as you would expect, it achieves perfection when dictating messages and managing calls. We’ll have to see if it can compare with Siri, the successful voice assistant on iOS.

Lastly, a video about the BlackBerry Z10 was leaked just recently, which is one of the touchscreen devices that the Canadian company will release in 2013. The video provides a description of the hardware, and of some of its applications and specifications. It has a 4.2” HD screen with a 1280×768 pixel resolution, a Cortex A9 1.5Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal memory, among other features.

This is a device with extremely powerful hardware, but at the same time very small and light, weighing just 125 grams.!

Throughout the last few months, we’ve talked about the new features that the BlackBerry 10 will have, such as a new user interface called Flow, a new notifications center called BlackBerry Hub, and a feature called BlackBerry Balance, which allows you to have several different profiles simultaneously on your device. There have also been great advances in its new, predictive keyboard, as well as new features in BlackBerry Messenger, which will incorporate video chat and a multimedia editor called BlackBerry 10 Story Maker. In regards to its app store, which is now called BlackBerry World, it will have at least 70,000 apps at the time the new operating system is released.

Everyone knows that RIM’s future depends on the success of this phone, and it creators are aware of the success that the product has to have. Nonetheless, we have to recognize that the Canadian business, with Thorsten Heins as the captain of the ship ever since the beginning of 2012, has strived greatly to make the BlackBerry 10 product one that can compete with its direct competitors. Will Research In Motion be able to get back onto the road of recovery with the new line of BlackBerry 10 devices? Only time will tell.


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