Needless to say the gameplay of Clash Royale has set a precedent on Android. The combination of simplified MOBA gameplay with a system of deck building has led to the appearance of hundreds of copies, clones, and veiled homages on the platform. But you have to separate the wheat from the chaff, so we’ve prepared this video compilation of the ten best alternatives to Clash Royale on Android. Some are carbon copies and others incorporate new features to the formula that make them unique.

clash royale clones img The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Royale Clans: Clash of Wars

First off we have a carbon copy whose only differentiating factor is the use of 3D cubic graphics in the style of Minecraft. Other than that, they are identical in the distribution of the scenery and the collection of cards by opening chests, as well as the progression though ranked matches. [Download]

clash royale clones royale clans The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Goon Squad

It’s already a big step in the genre to move out of the standard epic fantasy setting, so Goon Squad’s setting in a war between Mafias puts it into unique territory. Its main addition to the system of progression is that alongside opening chests we can spend resources in slot machines with the chance to grant juicier rewards. [Download]

clash royale clones goon squad The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Jungle Clash

The studio (owned by Russian giant has made a range of games with the intention of creating their own Supercell-like empire. If Jungle Heat was an almost identical clone of Clash of Clans, Jungle Clash does the same with Clash Royale, using the same universe and characters in both games. In this case the action centers around their own military commandos ripped from popular war movies, like Rambo’s cousins and generals from Full Metal Jacket. [Download]

clash royale clones jungle The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

SIEGE: Titan Wars

By all means a lofty title. SIEGE takes massive battles to another level, making a battleground filled with units duking it out in three dimensional environments much more spectacular than those of the rest of the list. It wasn’t added to our list of the best titles launched in July 2017 for nothing. Check out our review on our blog. [Download]

siege titan wars screenshot The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Let’s go off on a tangent for a moment and offer something completely different from those presented thus far, although it shares a common root. In Stormbound: Kingdom Wars the battles are turn based on a 4v5 board, but the ultimate goal is the same: destroy the enemy buildings and collect cards in order to launch troops onto the battlefield. It’s on of our favorites from September 2017 and received praise in our blog. [Download]

Stormbound Kingdom Wars screenshot 2 The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Trivia Crack Heroes

Trivia Crack is a widely successful multiplayer trivia game, and with this new iteration they have added a new level of depth with Clash Royale style gameplay. Instead of mana automatically building with the passage of time, here we have to correctly answer questions about entertainment and culture that are asked each turn. A solid strategy is no longer all you need to win, now you also need well rounded knowledge. [Download]

preguntados heroes feat The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics

Gameloft also wishes to add to their version of Clash Royale/Clans with Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics. The main difference with Rival Tactics compared to other games on the list is that it uses an isometric camera to display the battlefield, while also taking advantage of the well used but effective setting of crazy army compositions with troops taken from the movie Hot Shots. It’s entered in our best of May for Android and there is also a review in this house of the holy. [Download]

top mayo blitz brigade The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Titan Brawl

Titan Brawl is halfway between two extremes, the heir apparent MOBA giants such as Dota 2 and LoL and the “light” gameplay (note the quotation marks) of Supercell games. We have a small amount of terrain with rival bases facing off, and one scene in full 3D where the summoned troops wander forward. It’s not too simple nor overly complicated for small screens. It’s just right. [Download]

clash royale clones titan brawl The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Castle Crush

Castle crush rehashes a gameplay mechanic exploited in other older strategy games. Instead of giving full freedom of movement to the troops on screen, they advance in one of four predefined lanes in each scenario, unleashed in one chosen by the player. [Download]

clash royale clones castle crush The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android

Titanfall Assault

A lofty title. Titanfall Assault complicates its gameplay by incorporating elements from more complete MOBA titles, but preserves the system of collectible cards. Both the stages and the controls are refined enough to play well on small screens. And best of all, the Titans are a joy to behold while deployed on the field of battle. [Download]

titanfall assault screenshot 1 The Best Alternatives for Clash Royale on Android



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