Usually September is a rather skimpy month in terms of new releases, but production for the Android platform has been so prolific that not a day goes by without an interesting game falling into our laps. Here’s our monthly selection of the latest creme de la creme in all kinds of genres for the pleasure of gamers everywhere.

sonic forces featured top android Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]

Sonic Forces Speed Battle

We were nearly caught off guard by this endless runner with a gameplay quite like the Sonic Dash titles but topped off with a multiplayer component boasting frenetic races against other gamers. A free title that we could call a prologue to the next Sonic release for consoles. [Download]


It’s hard to find a strategy game for Android that isn’t just a rehashing of the hit games from Supercell, hence why we were so excited about the arrival of Stormbound: Kingdom Wars, a super-interesting 1-on-1 turn-based strategy game in which you’ve got to be thinking about both your position on the game grid and putting together a deck of trading cards to deploy units and skills. Can’t recommend it enough. [Download]

Once Upon a Tower

An action platformer where you play a princess who has to escape the highest floor of a tower guarded by a dragon. Thanks to your princess’s giant hammer you can destroy blocks to descend the giant edifice while dodging obstacles and destroying enemies. This princess knows how to take care of herself. [Download]

Mini Guns

OK, yes, the background in this game does indeed draw on Clash Royale in terms of deploying troops who advance automatically in a small setting and try to topple an enemy tower, but it’s got enough trappings of its own to make it unique and different. Gorgeous 3D graphics portray your troops as toy soldiers and are this mini MOBA’s prime allure. Already a hit after its recent release. [Download]

top android septiembre 2017 mini guns Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]

Cat Bird

Nostalgia always brings us to our knees, so we couldn’t make this monthly list of our top games without including this ADORABLE (yes, IN CAPS) pixellated platformer starring a fluffy cat. Beyond this sweet trademark, we’re looking at a fun game where you’ve got to beat more than 40 levels while dodging obstacles and enemies. We gotta say: 16-bits still have a lot of life left in them. [Download]

top android septiembre 2017 cat bird Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]

Star Away!

Being in the limelight, in most cases, degenerates into a terrible spiral of ignorance, peacocking, materialism, and a few other unpleasant nouns describing people who get immersed in this world. Star Away! showcases this pantomime by putting you in the (literal) shoes of an aspiring media star who posts small clips from her daily life on the Internet, whether its dancing Gangnam Style in a nightclub or doing squats at the gym. Under this premise is hidden a satirical clicker that’s actually quite hilarious in terms of how tongue-in-cheek it is. [Download]

top android septiembre 2017 star away Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]

Terra Battle 2

The second part of the fantastic game from Mistwalker (The Last Story, Lost Odyssey) retains the unique positioning system from the first one where you’ve got to flank your enemies to unlock special abilities, although in this case greater emphasis is placed on the story. An outstanding role-play and puzzle game that is also easy on the eyes. [Download]

top android septiembre 2017 terra battle Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]


I think we can all agree that miniature trains have an irresistible magnetism. SteamPower1830 sets you the task of managing a railway while expanding your infrastructure and earning money transporting passengers and freight. Things don’t stop there, though, as you’ve also got to compile resources of many other kinds so you can build farms, mines, and other structures in an incessant climb toward success thanks to the power of steam. The only thing missing is to smoke an e-cigarette as you play. [Download]

top android septiembre 2017 steamworld Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]

King’s Knight

Square Enix briefly abandoned its heavily worn Final Fantasy saga to finally offer something different: King’s Knight is a remake of the eponymous title it released for NES and MSX in 1986. In it you manage a team of up to four players in real time as you advance through the level with a structure that is almost more like a martian shooter than an action RPG. [Download]

top android septiembre 2017 kings knight Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]

Pocket Hospital

The legendary Theme Hospital from the Maxis studio won a spot in all gamers’ hearts. That hospital management simulator has inspired adaptations of all kinds, with Pocket Hospital being the latest of them to come out. You’ve got to hire staff, create hospital wings, and fill them with equipment to treat your patients and improve your effectiveness to solve each case as fast as possible. [Download]

top android septiembre 2017 pocket hospital Our top 10 Android games of the month [September 2017]


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