Since the moment the latest hit from Supercell saw the light of day, a retinue of similar games have hit the smartphone and tablet markets. Most recent among them is SIEGE: Titan Wars, a game that opted to be more than just one more clone, adding some meat to strategy PvPs to offer players a frenetic and spectacular experience.

SIEGE: Titan Wars

While SIEGE: Titan Wars could have been simply a Clash Royale with a different theme, the changes introduced to this ever bigger tent of a genre set it apart quite a lot from the Supercell hit. Call it a version of Clash Royale on steroids. While both titles share basic features of gameplay (the fact that you’ve got to destroy enemy towers while defending your own), the rest is mostly all original. Not only are the settings much more expansive, but the game style is much faster – and splendid.

Summoning troops in this game developed by Simutronics is noteworthy for how quickly your mana bar grows, inviting you to deploy a gargantuan number of units on the map and making your Android feel like it’s been taken over by something like the Total War saga from The Creative Assembly. But you can also lay down a special card: the titans. These giants are a force of nature and summoning them at the right moment can win you the round thanks to their tremendous power. And we haven’t even talked about the different spells you’ve probably got up your sleeve, depending on how you’ve put your deck together.

SIEGE: Titan Wars

It must be said that I really liked what I could play of SIEGE: Titan Wars. The game requires fast reflexes and fast thinking as summoning your basic troops is a constant task and you’ve got to keep close tabs on what’s happening on the battlefield so you can counteract attacks properly. But all this controlled chaos proves terrifically entertaining. A game experience that’s quite different from what we’re used to in Clash Royale, though it does share the chests and leveling up of cards. It’s sure to set tongues wagging in the coming weeks – especially considering that in its first 10 days it had already been downloaded more than a million times across all mobile marketplaces.

SIEGE: Titan Wars for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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