Stormbound: Kingdom Wars – A real alternative to Clash Royale?

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is a new turn-based strategy/TCG title that has some very compelling graphics.

There aren’t enough fingers on both hands to count how many Clash Royale lookalikes have tried to cash in on the success of the smash hit from Supercell. Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is yet another title that could be said to draw on Clash Royale, although leaving it at that would be quite simplistic. This strategy game takes the genre to a new level thanks to its elegant graphics and a turn-based premise that adds greater depth to a style of gaming that is starting to yield clones derived from clones. A proper surprise that deserves a detailed look.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars has recently come out globally, though we’ve had the APK here on Uptodown available for free download for months. As mentioned, this game could be compared with Clash Royale on grounds of a few different commonalities, but the truth is that this game is more like Hearthstone than the hit from Supercell, given the tremendous depth involved in putting together a winning deck. You’ll realize this bit by bit as you discover ever more cards.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Let’s get to the important bit: the battles in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars happen in 1-on-1 turn-based faceoffs on a 4-by-5 rectangular board. On every turn you get mana to deploy units on your part of the board, with the idea being to tick your rival’s life counter to tick down to zero. To do that you’ve got to make it to the enemy’s base with your troops, although there are also spells and skills that can sap his life. Every card is a world unto itself, what with the various levels of force and speed plus the possibility of moving in a different way from the usual, which involves forging straight ahead.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is an excellent game with a tremendous number of cards to collect and endless possibilities for putting a deck together. We’ve already mentioned it in passing above, but its terrific graphics deserve a bit of love, what with the minimalist lines brimming with elegance. Now that it’s officially out you’ve got lots more players to measure your chops against, so it’s a great opportunity to enjoy it. And if you’re left with a hankering to try more games like it on Android, check out our video of the top 10 Android strategy games of 2017.

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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