Anime gets yet another quality game with Bleach: Soul Liberation

Bleach: Soul Liberation is a new Android game based on the popular work of Tite Kubo that lets you discover the story of Ichigo from the beginning.

Fans of manganime are living in a golden age right now. Not only for how easy it is to find series that didn’t used to even make it out of Japan, but for the huge number of high-quality products that revolve around these productions. The world of videogames is one of the big focal points, just like we’ve mentioned on more than one occasion. Today, it’s time to discover a new game that hasn’t yet made its way west, but has all the qualities to become one of the best games based on an manganime series: Bleach: Soul Liberation is a new RPG based on the work from Tite Kubo that surprises us with its spectacular 3D combats. 

Bleach: Soul Liberation

I’m sure we could all agree that the Bleach series didn’t exactly live up to our expectations. It formed part of the most important Big Three in manga history and its anime was one of the most impressive of its generation. It’s a shame that the quality of the story by Tite Kubo went down the drain, but at least we’ll always have its legacy: a long list of quality videogames that still continues growing with the new Bleach: Soul liberation for Android. 

Bleach: Soul Liberation

While we’ve already enjoyed the story from Ichigo and co. in the great Bleach Brave Souls, this new game strays from the super deformed look and fully immerses us in the world of the Shinigami from the get go. This turn-based combat RPG tells the story of the manga a lot like in Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy: battles and more battles while you collect characters. The Gacha system returns once again as a way to try to get the best team of characters possible.

Bleach: Soul Liberation

We like Beach: Soul Liberation a lot, and that’s considering that it hasn’t even left Asia yet. It’s clear that it’s a product that’s mainly going to be enjoyed by fans of the original work, but its spectacular graphics are enough to make any player fall in love with it. It’s a game that joins a long list of quality titles based on manga or anime like One Piece, My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan. The mangaka party is going strong, but we hope we can continue celebrating it in more languages.

Bleach: Soul Liberation

Bleach: Soul Liberation for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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