One Piece is undoubtedly the most important manga of the moment – and probably ever. It’s now 20 years to the day that we’ve been enjoy this adventure story. Yep, today marks the 20th anniversary of the first chapter of this historical epic about pirates. A story that captivates all kinds of people and that you can also experience on Android in one these free official One Piece games.

One Piece Android

The series starring Monkey D. Luffy and his nakamas now has 872 issues of manga under its belt, which may put people off reading it for the first time. But take heart – I can personally vouch for the value of sticking your toe in the water. It’s not every day that you witness the birth of a story as magical as the one created by Eiichiro Oda. But in addition to experiencing the manga, enjoying the games on Android is another way to immerse yourself in this world. Although our Android catalogue has a ton of One Piece-related games, we recommend you play the official ones, as their quality puts the competitors to shame. Plus you can play for free, just like with all the other apps to be found on Uptodown.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

Though this game came out in 2014, it’s still got a huge user community. Just check out the huge activity on its subreddit to check it. And with good reason, as it’s is a fun RPG where you do endless battles in turns while putting together the definitive team to flatten any rival in short order.

The cast of characters is vast, with bonus versions of a lot of them, to boot. A fun title in which you experience the proper One Piece story in the campaign mode, allowing you to relive all the epic moments of the saga. You might be a bit shocked at the number of options, characters, and items available, hence we recommend that you enjoy it at your leisure as it’s an unmissable title. [Download APK]

One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece Thousand Storm

The most recent One Piece game for Android is another fun title that draws on the RPG world, though here you’ve got more freedom of action thanks to the fact that in the battles you can move your character around however you like. This is even more enjoyable thanks to its great 3D graphics.

This is a super fun title that’s a bit knocked by having a competitor like One Piece Treasure Cruise, which is much more faithful to the mangaka. But if you’re looking for a more dynamic title with a large number of unlockable characters, well, this is the game for you. [Download APK]

One Piece Thousand Storm



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