Millions of people use Facebook every day to upload their photos and videos, comment on posts, or Like their favorite pages. Facebook, in turn, collects this extensive and exhaustive data and keeps it on its servers. Any person on your Friends list can get this info easily unless you’ve done something to remedy it. And now this is disturbingly more accessible thanks to a new webpage that scrapes Facebook to find out everything about you.

It would appear that Pokémon has enjoyed its stint on smartphones given that today it’s been announced that it’s getting another game for iOS and Android. After the success of Pokémon GO and the recent appearance of Pokémon Duel it makes sense that The Pokémon Company would dust off its gloves and make a new title exclusive to these two systems. It also appears that this new game will star one of Internetland’s favorite pokémon. 

With the arrival of Windows 8.1, Microsoft released its own integrated remote desktop service for the Professional and Server versions of its desktop operating system, with direct connection from Android devices. Microsoft Remote Desktop might not be at the level of specialized software like TeamViewer, but it’s still true that its super-simple setup process makes it a tool to keep in mind. Here we explain how to configure it.

Much as we love simultaneous releases on both iOS and Android, lots of apps still take eons to appear on one OS or the other. One of the most glaring of these cases is FaceAppa picture editor that’s been a huge hit on iOS for weeks already and has finally rolled out on the platform of the green droid. Now the question is: Was it worth the wait?

Mobile gaming may have a zillion titles to enjoy, but I swear I’ve never seen one like Dandy Dungeon before. This game really shows off the power of the medium on smartphones – and does it with inimitable flair. Now sit back, relax, and let me tell you the legend of the brave Yamada.

February might be the shortest month of the year but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve up a good helping of awesome apps. This week we wanted to highlight a huge update to one of the biggest games on Android, plus other apps deserving of a spot on your home screen.

Facebook sure knows how to stay in the news. Changes and upgrades are rolling out every few days now – and this time they’re a bit controversial: Facebook has made several changes to videos, including playing sound automatically when you find a video in your News Feed.

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It’s been months now that we’ve been awaiting the promised update to revamp Pokemon GO with new, second-generation Pokémon. But only this week have they finally announced the imminent update to come this week which will include – besides 80 new Pokémon – other features like more evolutions to both your classic creatures and those from the region of Johto and special berries with novel effects.

That every hit PC game has 100 clones and revisions for Android is as true as the fact that PC gamers constantly insist that “they don’t make ’em like they used to.” Hence the determination to save all the games that’ve impacted generations of gamers on platforms not suited at the start for replicating console controls. Here’s our list of some of the Android ports out there that promise to bring butterflies to the stomachs of all you diehard retrogamers out there.

It’s been a while ago now that traditional Asian MMORPGs made the jump to Android, as seen with the releases of famous titles like MU Origin and Durango. Often it’s been PC sagas that have made the jump to smartphones, but if there’s one game we never thought we’d see on Android it’s World of Warcraft, given Blizzard’s focus in other directions. For people who’ve trudged their way from one end of Azeroth to the other and are nostalgic for that kind of aesthetic, Burning Blood offers a good way to sate their longing for procrastination and indiscriminate farming.