The digital music revolution has meant that collectively we buy fewer and fewer physical albums every year. While everything has its advantages and disadvantages, one of the things I most enjoy when I’ve got a CD in my hands is reading the lyrics while I listen to a song. Whether I end up singing along out loud or just in my own head, squeezing every drop out of CD inserts is something I’ve done all my life.

Facebook recently saw a golden age as a platform for playing games and competing online with your friends. While it’s lost a bit of popularity in that regard, new projects are trying to revitalize it, among them FB Gameroom and more recently the so-called Instant Games, which are actually just integrated games for Facebook Messenger that let you challenge your friends to almost 20 games without installing any external apps.

There are lots of ways to record what’s happening on your device screen together with the audio that’s playing alongside it, but most Android tools for that purpose require root, which not everybody can (or wants to) do. Luckily there’s an alternative that doesn’t require this procedure thanks to the Recordable app, which lets you capture everything happening on your screen and the incoming and outgoing audio for any app, including WhatsApp.

A couple months ago the Indie Games Festival was held. This Google-created event gives prizes for the best indie games for Android submitted to the contest. The only bad thing is that in that contest only developers from the US could sign up, but now that’s no problem for Europe at least thanks to the new Google Play Indie Games contest.

With the official arrival of theHBO TV preview to Spain, loads of users have taken the plunge for the free month trial to skip the €7.99 monthly fee. The problem comes when you go to download the official Android app for HBO and realize there are three different ones. Here we explain the differences between all of them.

One of my standard routines when I leave the house is to put on my bike helmet, grab my smartphone, and tap the Spotify icon. That’s why when I opened it up today to see a new interface I was surprised. Spotify doesn’t particularly stand out for its UI design on Android: it’s fine but it’s a bit boring. But we don’t have to worry about that much longer as it’s just undergone a rather large facelift: now it has a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Colored balls in motion. That’s the first thing you’ll see in Autonomy, a free Android game that has more to it than first meets the eye. In this title you face the worst possible enemy: yourself. Every move you make gets replicated in the near future and you’ll have to avoid touching it. Now we’re not “just” talking about colored balls, but about testing out your memory and skills to unexpected extremes.

Between Black Friday and the coming holidays it’s very likely that lots of you will get a new smartphone, leaving your former device orphaned and quite possibly abandoned at the bottom of your junk drawer. But at this point basically any Android is powerful and versatile enough to have a second life without even needing a SIM card. Here are 10 possible uses for your old Android.

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The inveterate Ketchapp has brought back its hit formula with a new game for smartphones that we just can’t stop playing. (Well, at least until Ketchapp brings out a new title.) Flip is the new release from one of the most prolific game developers for smartphones and tablets. They’ve got as many hits behind him as DJ Khaled does gold chains. We’ve lost count.

A major drag when streaming video games is the amount of lag-time involved when transmitting your commands to the game and getting a response signal. When it comes to streaming games to Android, currently the top-tier software is GameStream by NVIDIA, despite the fact that it’s obviously severely limited to very exact hardware specs. Beyond those borders, there’s tons of other alternatives like Splashtop, but only a few of them are not only free, but also exclusively geared towards gaming such as the case in Remotr

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