That Pokémon is a prolific brand going way beyond the saga itself is a fact – as we’ve already seen here on the blog before. Android is the cradle of all things clone- and fangame-related, and the Pokémon saga is no exception. But unlike with a lot of other adaptations, WorkeMon doesn’t tiptoe on the edge of legality, as its premise is quite different despite including several elements from the original for parody purposes. Here the idea is to play a company CEO and capture employees to make your business prosper.

Five WhatsApp scams not to fall for

Not a day goes by without a new scam appearing on the world’s most popular chat app. The innocence of rookie users mixes with the ever more elaborate tricks of swindlers to take you sites you don’t really mean to go to. These are some of the scams floating around the Internet in the form of chain messages or fraudulent papers that can compromise your security.

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Everybody’s worried about Internet security these days – and they darn well should be. Especially when we’re talking about services whose whole raison d’etre is sending secure messages. That’s why people’s alarm bells started ringing over the weekend when a big scandal blew up about WhatsApp and its security: somebody had supposedly discovered a backdoor to the app that allowed people to read user chats. Turns out, though, that there’s no need to freak out as that rumor is not quite correct.

Once upon a time most people’s houses boasted a scanner as part of their PC setup. Didn’t take up too much space and helped organize your high school or college notes and save all kinds of ID docs for the family members. These days scanners are less ubiquitous but that doesn’t mean the need to scan documents is. CamScanner – PDF Creator, as its name indicates, is a free app for Android to do scans. And it comes with OCR support, to boot.

October 2016 witnessed the sad news that Vine was (inevitably) closing due to Twitter’s slim-to-none interest in keeping this popular platform alive as well as the fact that users have migrated in mass to other (ahem, Snapchat) apps. Today, January 17, 2017, is the promised day and from tomorrow onwards this app will no longer be available as we once knew it. Instead, you’ll find that it’s transformed into ‘Vine Camera’ a kind-of video app where you make shorts and share them onto other social networks. That being said, don’t expect your vines to be available for you to watch and enjoy tomorrow; as today is the very last day that the the late and great platform is providing downloads of your vines.  As such, here’s our a step-by-step guide to downloading your vines.

There’s life beyond Google Play, my friends. In fact, it was precisely in that bubbling cauldron that Uptodown was brewed, betting in recent years for a distribution model that might sound far-fetched given how monopolized the Android app market is. Just in 2016, 1.2 billion Uptodown users have downloaded 2 billion apps for Android alone. The numbers below illustrate some of the trends and hits on Android over the last year.

The level of fiddliness you can reach with your Android device depends entirely on, well, how much interest you have in fiddling. Putting a number on just how many people want to manage even the tiniest details on their smartphones is beyond us, but we do know there’s a ton of apps available for that purpose. SystemPanel 2 is an inveterate tool for monitoring smartphone settings. This useful app just got a complete revamp in its second version and for ‘heavy’ users it’s sure to offer a real trip.

Though most Android apps are free, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re open source or freely distributed. There are tons of quality alternatives to the most popular commercial apps out there. Open source apps are by their very nature more secure and customizable than others of vaguer origins. The website Droid-Break has compiled the best free open source apps for Android. These are some of our faves from among its recommendations.

When you first start playing a Nitrome game, you always know you’re going to come across something genius. This studio is known for bringing together gaming tropes and whipping them up into fresh and novel experiences. Stretch Dungeon might well be one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve come across in a long time. In this fun game you don’t play the main character who has to cover as much ground as possible – you play the walls around him.

If there’s one genre that’s managed to eclipse eSports games from the position they’ve boasted, without question it’s MOBAs (sorry, strategy and FPS, we still love you). With League of Legends and DOTA 2 at the forefront, this sub-genre has endured since our PC gaming days and shows no signs of running out of steam. Developers have even tried to take it to other platforms, with variable success. In the case of Android, few games have managed to create even a remotely decent experience for touch devices. There are a few good ones, though. This is our selection of the most successful MOBAs for Android.