How to check if your email account was hacked

Not a month passes without new headlines about some popular web service suffering some kind of cyberattack. In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen stories of serious security breaches of Opera browser’s file-syncing service, millions of DropBox accounts, and, most recently, Yahoo’s email service. All this means now might be a good time to check if any of your email accounts have been affected by these incidents. Luckily, this is super easy with the app Have I been pwned?

Five original apps for your travels

Next Tuesday, September 27, is World Tourism Day. By this point we certainly don’t need to evangelize about the benefits of an intelligent use of your smartphone when traveling, whether you’re making reservations or getting your bearings in a new city. So in the spirit of the hour, we’ve put together a few Android travel apps that are a bit different from the usual ones – but still equally practical.

Google has thrown itself into the free fall spiral that is competing with WhatsApp to dominate the instant-messaging service field. Google Allo is clearly their newest response, arriving with the intention to unify chat communication and leave Hangouts in the dust once and for all. The app–which isn’t out yet on Google Play–is now available for download from Uptodown and can be freely used without restrictions.

WhatsApp now lets you ping people in group chats

WhatsApp keeps moving to its own beat, as usual. Gripers may gripe about how slow the app is to add features that other IM apps included ages ago (I choose you, Telegram!). But the truth is the developers have little to worry about given WhatsApp’s gigantic market share.

The latest feature comes with version 2.16.259, adding the option to ping other users within a group chat. This means that even if you’ve muted the chat, you’ll get a notification if you get pinged.

Twitter’s 140-character limit has also been a thorny issue. Conciseness and minimalism have always been the hallmarks of a social network whose growth has stagnated, so distorting its original idea by expanding the max size of tweets might not be the best move. In any case, the change that’s just been made doesn’t exactly go that far: Now the characters reserved for the link when you add an image or video to your tweets have been removed. This means you still get your full 140 characters regardless of what you attach to your tweet.

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If you’re not super on the ball with cleaning your Android and you take a look at how much space each of your apps is using, you’ll see that WhatsApp tends to inflate like an air balloon if you use it a lot. This is because it stores all the files you send and receive locally, and even duplicates that stored content if you send a file more than once. Luckily, there’s Cleaner for WhatsApp – a simple, free tool that analyzes WhatsApp and displays how much space is taken up by all the files it’s storing so you can delete them as needed.

Loads of games out there try to simulate – to a greater or lesser degree of success – what it’s like to be a hacker attacking remote computers with tactics that to a novice might seem near-magical. Among them are titles like Uplink o Hacker Evolution, but in this latest one – Hackers for Android – the game deploys features of real-time strategy games to offer a convincingly fun adaptation to the world of hacking.


We’ve talked a few times here on the blog about the fantastic Remix OS, a complete Android operating system for desktop computers that’s fully adapted to Windows standards and controls. Till now the only way you could use it was by installing its image on a PC or virtualizing it over software like VirtualBox in a far-from-hassle-free process. Luckily, the creators of the tool have just released Remix OS Playera new version that run over the host operating system and lets you run all sorts of Android apps on Windows and take advantage of all the virtues of that interface. 


Every year CyberLink renews its product line with major revamps for all their software. This week it’s PowerDirector‘s turn–the company’s polifacetic video editor designed for anyone from beginners to expert users who demand quality and versatility, thanks to its wide array of editing features. In order to celebrate, we’re raffling off 5 full licenses for PowerDirector15 Ultra valued at over 100USD/100EUR each

Like it or not, Google Photos is one of the best options out there for organizing your pics and keeping them safe. The new version 2.0 has just been released for Android, and its main appeal lies in the option to change the viewing order of your galleries and permanently rearrange them however you like, which was (incomprehensibly) impossible before now.