Android Nougat is already walking amongst us – at least for people who use a compatible device. Unfortunately loads of users of even relatively modern phones haven’t gotten the update to version 7.0, meaning the only way to get some of the new features is by installing external apps or using other tricks. (Or installing unofficial ROMs, but that’s another story.) In the meantime, here’s a summary of everything you can install on your device to make it look like Google Pixel, with the best graphics from Android Nougat (which they say are something like the Second Coming in terms of excitingness).

We all know about the dramas that can be inflamed by a broken smartphone screen. Although in many cases the damage is more to the ego, as the problem is simply cosmetic, if your phone has taken a severe enough thwacking the layer with the touch sensors can break and even shards of the screen be lost. Due purely to gravity, the base of the device tends to take the most knocks, making the bottom buttons, whether virtual or physical, most prone to getting messed up. Luckily, there’s Simple Control, a useful app to squeeze a bit more life out of a broken phone by adding a pop-out button bar anywhere on your screen.

How to check traffic with a tap to your screen

Google Maps keeps inexorably flattening the competition, as it never stops adding features that eventually become indispensable. I want it all, as Queen said, and I want it now. And now the latest version of the app adds another brilliant feature consisting of a home screen widget that with just a tap takes you to a tab showing how traffic is between your location and intended destination.

PoopLog: Keep track of your trips to the loo

The art of the bowel movement is as fundamental as it is gross when it comes to sharing experiences. But in certain circumstances – related to your health, fool, get your mind out of the gutter! – it can be useful to keep a log of the nature and circumstances surrounding each, erm, deposition. The case of PoopLog takes this to rather worrisome levels in terms of specifying all sorts of poo-related details that you can later display as exportable graphs or statistical tables.

The Musou (or Warriors in the West) are a saga of console games developed by Tecmo Koei whose main trademark involves facing off against armies with a single character, complete with all the standard features of a hack ‘n’ slash. This approach has spawned a subgenre that in turn has led to spinoffs of sagas like The Legend of Zelda (Hyrule Warriors) or manga adaptations like One Piece or Berserk. There are several Android titles that embrace this concept, but few are as complete and close to the original idea as Kingdom Warriors.

How to control your PC from your Android

Way back in 2014, the brilliant young minds at Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop, the free service that allows you to send a signal to your desktop PC from any Android device. Tactile hand gesture recognition, real-time control at the time these features were near groundbreaking. It was even able to use your data plan instead of relying on plain old WiFi. Although there are several alternatives, this option is as easy to use as it is comfortable to set up. Best of all – even today in 2016 – it’s still getting updated. The latest version 53 just added audio streaming among its playback capabilities.

Never a dull week in Android. Never. On today’s menu, we’ve mainly centered on nice-looking games, from Civilization clones to games based on viral YouTube memes. To top it off we’re serving you up a hot tool for WhatsApp that adds bubbles to your chat clients. And, for dessert, flan.

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Chrome 55 on Android reduces RAM usage by 50%

A major problem that’s been weighing down on Google Chrome since the beginning of Android, is just how much this browser uses in terms of system resources. Although lately they’ve improved vastly as is shown in our recent benchmarks, there’s still a long road ahead. Luckily, it seems like version 55 (for now available for Devs) is going to be a huge improvement in terms of performance, especially on devices with low RAM.

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One feature that Facebook Messenger established, and which also keeps thousands off of the Lite version, is its chat bubble feature. But actually there are loads of apps out there capable of integrating this notification system into any instant messaging chat client like WhatsApp and Telegram, for instance Flychat.

Old-timers who played their way through the Civilization saga felt the mystical time traveling properties this game can have. One minute it’s early morning–you’re sleepy-eyed from the late night before patiently waiting for it to boot–then suddenly it’s 11PM and your girlfriend’s already packed her bags and done move out. Now, imagine that someone came along to pick up where that game left off; only this time compressing and condensing all of its virtues into a complete experience that’s possibly the best 4x strategy game–and it’s also an adorable mobile app. That is The Battle of Polytopia. After a stint on iOS and further name changes–used to be called Super Tribes, it’s now emerged on Android. Much to the delight of well-seasoned gamers, this isn’t your average mobile game, not in terms of its business model or restrictions–trust.

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