How to keep your WhatsApp info off Facebook

WhatsApp has just modified its terms of service and privacy policy to break ground for its latest maneuvers, focused on communications between companies and external services. The first change involves sharing data with Facebook to offer ads tailored to your interests, though luckily you have 30 days to reverse the permissions and keep that from happening.

Rovio really doesn’t have much ground left to cover when it comes to exploiting Angry Birds. After releasing everything from racing games to puzzles sponsored by Shakira.. Not to mention those Transformer arcade titles, there’s still more than few twists left in this zany saga. This time, Angry Birds: Ace Fighter comes in the form of an “alien basher” with hints of Eastern flare, ie. it makes major references to the appropriately titled genre called “bullet hell.” Dodging all kinds of projectiles that are geometrically launched with non-stop shooting is the name of the game. While not yet out on Android, we’ve got it right here for free thanks to its unofficial soft-launch.

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Tablets and smartphones are full of embarrassing information that you’d probably prefer not go public. Given that handing phones over to kids is becoming a more and more commonplace pastime, it might not be a bad idea to heavy up with security measures that’ll armor your phone against certain tragedies, like, say accidental misuse or unintentional exposure of photos that you’d prefer stay private. In order to prevent these types of issues, developers came up with services like IObit Applock.

Whether you like it or not, those cyclical animated videos that roam the internet are now a daily event in our online lives. While GIFs were a common occurrence and among popular use on other chat clients like Telegram and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp was until now somewhat reluctant about jumping onto the GIF bandwagon. Which is why the fact that WhatsApp now allows users to create GIFs from your locally stored videos to easily send them to your contacts comes as a bit of a surprise. This feature is now available on version 2.16.41 for Android. Download here via Uptodown.

Opera premieres their own VPN for Android

At Opera, they’re going for the gold. It wasn’t enough for them to add their own browser with an ad-blocker included by default. Or what about their extreme battery saving mode? Still not enough. Now they’ve come out with an independent VPN service app that’s totally accessible from for any user thanks to its precise interface, and the help of a friendly viking that guides you along this process. Who said that network management tools had to be so serious? 

A Holy Grail for Android developers has long been to find an efficient way to bring the experience of desktop operating systems to smartphones and tablets. Despite the apps to create floating windows or full operating systems based on Android for desktop computers, it’s true that no one had managed to unify both experiences properly. Until now.

Andromium OS is looking to become our Messiah: it offers a desktop interface with windows on your smartphone and lets you control it with a keyboard, mouse, and external monitor.


The blocks started out being temporary, but Niantic Labs has now cracked down on people who use tricks and cheats in Pokémon GO to the point of announcing permanent bans in the app. There are lots of reasons you might get your account suspended – and obviously in certain cases you might not really deserve it. Luckily, there’s a form you can use to ask for your account back.

Naruto arrived as a shonen anime that already had the spectra of Dragon Ball hanging over its shoulders, however thanks to major media coverage (much to the dismay of One Piece fans), it managed to become a success. After 17 years, a manga and anime series that is still ongoing, the adventures of the nine-tailed fox named Konoha have lived a number of incarnations that populate the world of this video game. Luckily, lately these Android titles by Namco Bandai have been washing up on Western shores much earlier than was initially expected. Such is the case of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing, which is now available and ready to download and play in APK format. Right here. Right now. 

There are several development environments out there that’ll allow you to create video games of almost any shape or size and for just about any platform, as was already hashed over in our post on our definitive mega-list with game development tools. What really aren’t nearly as common as they should be are totally free and open source options such as GDevelop, which allows you to develop games in HTML5 without having any prior notions of coding. Yup, you’ll be able to create runnable games, easily exported to Windows or Mac, or compiled and packaged for Android in APK format–without knowing even a single line of code.

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Google Duo is here to handle Android video calling

Google is in the midst of pivoting their strategy when it comes to offering communication tools. In an effort to this effect, they’re now offering users Duo, their new minimalist vidchat app that offers users the chance to use Facetime-like functions and is now ahead of the game when it comes to market peers like Whatsapp who are promising to roll out an imminent video calling feature. What’s most intriguing about this app is that it doesn’t need to be linked to a Google account, because in order to access you’ll need to type in your actual phone number. Tapping on people logged in your address book from your phone’s contacts app is the only way you’ll be able to start a call. The party receiving the call must also have Duo installed on their phone, of course.