It’s that time again. It’s now been a full six months since our last browser comparison (from September 2016), so you’re probably eagerly awaiting our latest half-yearly report on the four most popular Android browsers at the moment: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, and Opera. As on previous occasions our comparison covers several aspects: RAM use, app opening speed, and compatibility.

Hands up if you miss those old coin-op games where you had to eliminate hundreds of enemies without worrying about anything besides aiming at their heads while the camera moved around the setting automatically. These so-called shooters on rails run the gamut from the classic Operation World to undying gems like Time Crisis and The House of the Dead. And this genre is exactly where Gunpie Adventure fits in: this bit of pulp madness from the NEXON studio (Dominations, OZ Broken Kingdom) sets you to trekking across landscapes and shooting from the bed of your truck while fleeing zombies, enraged Egyptian pharaohs, and other supernatural forces out to get you.

Incremental games. Just like Marmite, you either love ’em or you hate ’em. But certain games in the genre try to get around this dichotomy by falling back on other lures. This is something that Charming Keep does cleverly, with delightful graphics that’ll make you look at clickers in a whole new light.

The arrival of Super Mario Run to Android marked the midpoint in Nintendo’s master plan to conquer the mobile market. Besides the ones developed by the company and another studio in a collaboration agreement, there are also licensed third-party games for smartphones and tablets that are exclusive to Nintendo, like Pokémon and Yo-Kai Watch. Here’s our compendium of everything Nintendo-related to be found on Android.

Lately we’ve been getting pleasantly accustomed to receiving good news about Pokémon GO. This time, one of the biggest names in Android gaming has gotten an update to its version 0.59.1 that brings one interesting improvement plus a new event in the process: the Water Festival!

For some of us out here, a party ain’t a party if there’s no karaoke. Almost all of us have gotten up and sung – or done something like singing – in front of a bunch of strangers at some point. I mean, really, who doesn’t love howling their favorite song on a night out? But for those horrifying moments when you’re not close to a karaoke bar, we’ve put together a list of the best karaoke apps for Android to save the day. This means you’ll have no excuse not to break out your favorite Shakira song at the next birthday party you go to – and all from your smartphone or tablet.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most important chat apps and is in a constant turf war with WhatsApp and to a lesser extent Telegram. Messenger’s strategy to keep itself constantly in vogue is by rolling out new features every few weeks. Though its recent addition of disappearing posts appears to be a dud, today it’s got two new bits of flair to decorate your chats: emoji-based reactions and the option to mention people with pings in group chats.

Fans of horizontal fighting games are in luck with the arrival of One Finger Death Punch 3D, the sequel to the fantastic Android title where a simple fighter spectacularly brawls with endless enemies using just a couple buttons. This new release translates that idea to 3D, but with a character and setting design that’s completely new.

Recently we filled you readers in on lots of new stuff rolling out bit by bit on Clash Royale. As of last Friday the fun new Clan Battles are available and let you get together with another player to fight against two other people. An exciting and rather chaotic new game mode that you’ve seriously got to try.

We’ve talked lots before about different tools that can create exact copies of an app to run alongside the original one, but with different login details. But today we’re going to take this a step further. Imagine you’ve installed an app you don’t trust a bit in terms of granting access permissions, when it could be useful to have a sort of sandbox that isolates all features and keeps some of them from interacting with the services on your device. And this is exactly what the useful free tool called Island does.