After the false alarm that was the recent arrival of the version 0.14.5 to the stable version of PUBG Mobile, we finally have the chance to try out one of the new game modes announced in the latest beta. The Payload Mode adds heavy weaponry in the form of bazookas and helicopters, in addition to special loot boxes to find this type of equipment and radio antenas where you can revive fallen teammates.

[Updated (10/16/2019)] The 0.15 update is now available for the stable version of the game, adding extra new features like a new “ledge grab” dynamic for holding and climbing onto ledges.

PUBG Mobile 0.15 Update

About the new Payload Mode

The new game mode is found in the Evoground section just like the other previous modes like the Infection mode in 0.14 and the Survive till Dawn mode and its collaboration with Resident Evil. In this case, as we said, it fulfills one of the players’ wishes for aerial vehicles. This adds a new strategic aspect to the formula that makes it crucial to work as a team in order to control these vehicles and the areas with special loot boxes.

Changelog for version 0.15

That said, this isn’t the own change they’ve made. For now, these are the new weapons and changes to the game we know about so far:

  • Two new weapons: MP5K (Vikendi exclusive, replace Vector. Uses 9MM ammo). Desert Eagle (Available in all maps. Uses .45 ammo).
  • UMP9 is now called UMP45. Now uses .45 ammo. Capacity from 30/40 to 25/35. Bullet speed from 400 M/S to 300 M/S.
  • Vector now use 9MM ammo. Capacity from 13/25 to 19/33. Bullet speed from 300 M/S to 380 M/S. Damage Reduced from 33 to 31.
  • Adjustments to other weapons, including equipping holographic sights on the pistols and they share the same accessories as SMG. Also, Bullet Loops combined and called Ammo Loops (Shotguns, Win94 and Kar98).
  • Frag Grenade now support skins.
  • Added graffiti.
  • New animation when you open a Supply Create in store.
  • Now, before you enter training mode, you can now choose whether to enter TPP mode or FPP mode.
  • New Vehicle: BRDM-2. Only be obtained by air supply with Flare gun.
  • Gas can now is explosive.
  • New Team Deathmatch map (downloadable in game).

PUBG Mobile Explosive Barrels

Along with all these features we saw in the beta already, they’ve added some more with the version’s move to the stable channel:

  • Ledge grab: Now you can grab onto certain ledges and objects to access otherwise inaccessible locations. The way to do this is by touching the jump button again when you’re already in the air.
  • Explosive barrels: now the gas cans explode when you shoot them.
  • Partner rewards: when the connection between players reaches a certain score, they’ll get a title and exclusive pose.
  • Optimized graphics and reduced resource usage of the CPU.

pubg mobile desert eagle PUBG Mobile version 0.15.0 is now available with Payload Mode

As always, the beta can be played independently from the official client. One app doesn’t overwrite the other, and both profiles are maintained completely separate.


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