Browser developers love to complicate things. If a ‘Lite’ version of the standard client wasn’t enough, now you have to keep track of beta versions and other experimental lines. You have to take special care with Firefox, whose developer Mozilla seems to introduce a new version monthly. Here is a list of all of the company’s browsers that are currently available on Android.

firefox feat Here are all of the official versions of Firefox for Android

Stable Firefox

The version known and used by the vast majority of users. New features are pushed out through the Nightly and Beta versions (in that order) and the compatibility, speed, and efficiency are excellent, as shown in our Android browser comparison. [Download]

Firefox Rocket

The latest version to arrive by popular demand. The boom (and need) of Lite versions of the most used applications resulted in the creation of Firefox Rocket, a fully functional version with low resource consumption. Although it was initially rolled out in developing countries where mobile connections and devices are limited, in reality it can be useful for anyone with a mid to low range device. [Download]

firefox rocket screenshot 1 Here are all of the official versions of Firefox for Android

Firefox Focus

Privacy is a serious concern for any cautious internet denizen. Focus offers private and anonymous browsing, avoiding crawlers and erasing your browsing history each time you close it. Plus, it recently implemented a built-in ad blocker and an optimized multitab system. [Download]

firefox focus multitasking screenshot Here are all of the official versions of Firefox for Android

Firefox Beta y Nightly

These two developer versions are for people who can’t wait to try the latest features or creators that need to test their software in upcoming versions. The Beta version is more than stable enough for normal use, and is a great way to get access to the speedy new browsing engine Quantum before anyone else. [Download]



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