Some time ago we blogged about a new browser on the market: Firefox Focus came out as an alternative to the big conventional browsers (among them Firefox itself) whose MO involved offering tremendous privacy features. Firefox Focus stands out for providing access to websites in a completely anonymous and secure way, without having to worry about your Internet activity being tracked. Its latest update has added a feature users have been requesting that boosts this browser’s potential: it’s now possible to use several tabs so you can keep several sites open at once.

Firefox Focus

It might seem odd that smack in the middle of 2017 we’re singing the praises of a browser getting updated to allow for multitasking, as this feature appears on practically every web browser under the sun. But Firefox Focus has been a bit of a special case since its nascence and Mozilla’s fight to protect users’ security and privacy has been and continues to be the main factor for which this new browser will be known. Hence the option to open several windows at once had to be paired with those secure and anonymous browser standards – and now it’s been done effectively.

Using several tabs here is rather different from what we’re accustomed to on other browsers. To be able to open a new webpage you’ll have to tap any link on the page you’re looking at and pick the “Open link in new tab” option. This will make it so a new page opens automatically and a number button appears at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap that to view all your open tabs and then just tap the window you want to open it.

Firefox Focus

It must be said that the multitab feature in Firefox Focus feels a bit primitive, but we can’t forget that it ensures the same level of privacy and anonymity whether you’ve got 3 or 3,000 tabs open. These features, together with the simplicity and featherlight size of the app, have made it one of my go-to apps. We’ll have to carry on observing how it evolves, but all indicators point to the likelihood that this little browser’s got a nice life ahead of it.

Firefox Focus for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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