Though practically any mobile browser worth its salt has mechanisms to allow anonymous and secure web browsing, there are also dedicated apps that do the same thing. Mozilla has joined the club with an alternative version of its popular web browser: Firefox Focus lets you access webpages in a fully anonymous and secure way over an app that eliminates your entire history when you close it just as if you were in an incognito session, and lets you adjust a handful of other security parameters, too.

firefox focus screenshot Firefox Focus: A new browser focused on privacy

When you go into the app you’ll see no tabs, no bookmarks, nothing but a search bar to associate with either Google or an alternative engine like DuckDuckGo. This spareness means that the app weighs less than 6MB once installed and running, as it keeps no cache for anything except what you’re viewing at that exact moment.

If you go to the settings menu you can view some of the features, like a blocker for ads, analytics, or social trackers in the sites you visit; and option to keep external fonts from loading or prevent anyone from taking screenshots or viewing the history of apps used. Such is its emphasis on erasing traces of your Internet life that you’ve got a button superimposed on your browser at all times to auto-erase your entire recent history.

firefox focus screenshot 1 Firefox Focus: A new browser focused on privacy

All this means Firefox Focus won’t store any passwords and won’t autocomplete your searches as you type them into the search bar, making it a bit of a hassle to use for day-to-day needs – though that’s not what its aim is anyway. This browser is designed for use in particular situations like being connected to unsecured public networks or browsing on sites of questionable reliability.

Firefox Focus on Uptodown [APK] | Download

More info | Firefox Focus official site



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