Google has decided to break ties with Huawei, which means that soon, the mobile phones from the Chinese giant will only have access to open source Android. From now on, Huawei smartphones won’t have access to the Google app store, native Android apps, or any other advantage that Android offers. So, its there life beyond Google apps? Yes. There are plenty of alternatives.

Most Android smartphones come off the rack with some Google apps preinstalled, but the fact that Huawei and Google have parted ways doesn’t mean it’s the end for Huawei. There are plenty of good alternatives to the Mountain View company’s apps like Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. Plus, these apps can still be downloaded on a Huawei smartphone from alternative stores, without having to set foot in the Google Play Store. For example, from Uptodown.

We’ll show you some of the alternative apps that you can install on your Huawei smartphone to continue enjoying all the services as if nothing ever happened. You can access your email, manage your calendar, or browse the web without a problem. Plus, you can continue to download apps and games on your phone as per usual.

Huawei Google

Alternatives to Google apps

There are replacements for practically any Google app that you may have installed on your phone. You can have a complete browser, an email client, and a map service that can get you wherever you want to go without the need to have Google Maps installed on your device.

Gmail alternatives

Outlook is the email client from Microsoft. One of the most popular services of all time is available to manage your email client from any Android device. It lets you choose categories, sync contacts, and get notifications when you receive new emails.

outlook android new 2 Alternatives to Google's basic apps for your Huawei device

It’s a convenient, useful, and really interesting alternative to Gmail, so you won’t miss the Google client a bit. It provides you with everything you need to receive and also send emails: attach files, change the font, organize text, etc. [Download]

Alternatives to Google Maps

Waze is probably the most comprehensive navigation app on the market right now. It has everything you need in an app like this. The map app has a community with over 50 million users and offers real-time data and information about traffic, accidents, and roadblocks.


Waze is the best GPS for Android if you want to find how to get somewhere or if you want your smartphone to guide you as you move around the map. The app tells you when the best time is to leave, the best way to get where you’re going, and what options or alternatives there are if there’s traffic, accidents or specific roadblocks. [Download]

Alternatives to Google Chrome

There are tons of browsers available to use as alternatives to Google Chrome on Android. For example, Opera, DuckDuckGo, and Firefox. Firefox is one of the most important browsers in the world and is available for Android with a wide range of options and features completely for free. You can add extensions, change the appearance of the browser, and sync with the desktop browser

A quick navigation browser, with endless setup options and excellent security features. Firefox is the best option if you want a quality, comprehensive, and flawless browser on your smartphone. [Download]

Alternatives to Google Calendar

There are also a ton of useful alternatives to Google’s calendar app. For example, DigiCal or Business Calendar. Both are perfect options for your smartphone, with an attractive interface and a ton of features.

Nonetheless, seems to us to be a perfect choice. It’s an app that lets you easily sync your Google account and has the bonus feature of also letting you create to-do lists. This all-in-one app will simplify your life thanks to its clear and simple interface.

any do en 1 Alternatives to Google's basic apps for your Huawei device

If you’re looking for a powerful calendar with endless possibilities, is probably one of the best alternatives that exist. [Download]

Alternatives to Google Play Store

Huawei devices may be losing access to the Google Play Store, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have apps or you won’t be able to have the most recent versions of your games or apps. You can download APKs directly to your smartphone from Uptodown.

xapk uptodown app Alternatives to Google's basic apps for your Huawei device

The Uptodown App Store provides you with access to all the apps available on Uptodown directly on your phone so you can access it whenever you want. Uptodown is a completely free international marketplace that you can access from any country without needing to have a Google Play account. It’s a catalog with endless apps and it’s a perfectly realistic alternative once Google’s veto goes into effect for Huawei, since you can download, manage, and enjoy all the apps you want through our marketplace. [Download]