The top ten Android apps of the month [January 2018]

Here we review the best apps to arrive on Android in January of 2018. A selection of the very best from the Android ecosystem that you won't want to miss out on!

Let’s take a moment to review the most notable Android apps that came out in the first month of 2018. Just recently we released a list of the best Android games of January, but this list contains all kinds of apps that will help you get the new year started on the right foot. There are tools that help preserve net neutrality, record events with ease, and others that offer well known services while taking up the least amount of space possible. You don’t want to miss out on this list of the most illustrious apps of the month.

top android apps 2018

Overwatch League

The incredible success of Overwatch has, over time, created an enormous community of fans supporting Blizzard’s title. It’s no longer enough to talk about Overwatch as just a video game, as it’s now become a full blown eSport. As a result, it’s only natural that an app like Overwatch League pops up to allow fans to follow all of the latest news from the official league of Mercy, D.Va, and Winston. Fans can watch full matches, get news from the league, browse stats and results, and read all kinds of information about the different teams in the competition. [Download]

overwatch league

PixelArt: Color by Number

The number of coloring apps for smartphones and tablets has increased sharply in recent years. As more and more people flock to them, many apps are attempting to differentiate themselves from the competition by adding unique features. PixelArt: Color by Number achieves this goal by centering the app around works of pixel art that need to be colored. It’s a great tool from the Picsart team that lets you relax alongside beautiful pixels and diverse works of art. [Download]

pixelart color by number screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [January 2018]


Productivity tools have been one of the most basic features of Android since forever, but none of them manage to perform their task with the simplicity of Remindee. It’s easy to use and lets you create reminders for any app on your device. You just need to push the share button and choose Remindee to create a reminder about whatever you want to do. Nice and easy for the whole family. [Download]



Net neutrality is a cause worth fighting for, and it’s only logical that apps come out to help you maintain it. Wehe is a project from Boston’s Northeastern University that lets you check if your internet service provider is remaining neutral or not. To do so, it analyzes the loading speeds of several popular apps with a series of quick tests. It’s a very useful app with the laudable goal of making the internet a better place. [Download]

wehe screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [January 2018]

Haven: Keep Watch

A lot has been said about the surveillance app launched by Snowden. Fortunately, Haven ended up being much more than a simple publicity stunt, and achieves its goal of turning your smartphone into a handy little surveillance device that captures everything that happens around you. The only downside is that you need two phones to use it effectively, but it’s a great security app with huge potential. [Download]


SpotOn Alarm for Youtube

We recently wrote about how to create alarms on your smartphone using music from Spotify, a great feature for those of us who are premium subscribers to the streaming service. And for those who aren’t subscribers? Well, you can achieve something similar using music available on YouTube. Waking up to your favorite songs on YouTube is no longer a utopian pipe dream thanks to this app. You can even wake up to some of our gameplay videos. Just putting that out there. [Download]

spoton alarm for youtube screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [January 2018]

Google Maps Go

The arrival of Android Go is providing some well needed relief with apps that take less space, use less RAM, and consume less data. The latest to come out is a miniaturized version of Google Maps that comes with all of the basic features of the main app, but condensed in a way that won’t bog down older devices. [Download]

google maps go


There are some excellent VPN apps to browse the web safely and anonymously, but it’s always nice to discover new ones. ProtonVPN is a fantastic option for those who need to visit websites that are blocked in their region or who just want to use the internet anonymously. You will never have to underestimate the security of your Android device again, and the equally great Protonmail provides further incentive to start using this VPN app. All of that packed into a sober and elegant interface that adds even more richness to its incredible utility. [Download]

protonvpn screenshot The top ten Android apps of the month [January 2018]

Telegram X

Everyone knows that WhatApp is the overwhelming leader in communication apps, but Telegram is one of our favorites. That’s why the arrival of an official alternative version like Telegram X is worthy of review. The app loads much more quickly than the official version, and comes with a clean interface and a night mode that gets our seal of approval. Although it has a little ways to go, this experimental version has a bright future. [Download]

telegram x

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia landing on Android was a huge step for the ecosystem after its enormous success on iOS. It’s a live trivia game in which you can win real money if you have all the right answers. It’s a revolutionary app that brings hundreds of thousands of people together with each broadcast, a number that increases daily. [Download]

hq trivia


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