Finding the perfect alarm for your smartphone can be a lot harder than you might think. With the enormous number of choices available, it can even be a little overwhelming. Plus, it’s hard to find a sound that’s pleasing enough to wake up to, but still gets the job done. If you’re the type of person who prefers to wake up with your own music, SpotOn just might be what you’re looking for: an alarm clock that uses the music from Spotify that you choose as an alarm. And we’ll show you just how easy it is to set it up.

SpotOn Alarma Spotify

Wake up with your favorite songs on Spotify

SpotOn isn’t much different from any alarm app you’ve already seen on Android. Its interface is simple and anyone who’s used to the alarm clock system on Android will find it effortless to get started. To set you alarm, you have to sign in to your Premium Spotify account and then just open the “Wake” tab and tap the first alarm you see.

The new screen that appears is where you get down to the real nitty gritty. When you tap on the time, you can set the exact time you want your alarm to sound, but the real magic happens when you tap the big green button you see: when you tap this button, you’ll have access to your Spotify account where you can select the music that will help you open your eyes in the morning. 


SpotOn Alarma Spotify

You can choose from two different musical options: a playlist (or album) or a specific song. If you select the first option, you’ll hear a chosen playlist that you like, while the the song alarm will only last as long as the song you choose. The search feature isn’t quite as good as the official Spotify app, and you’ll have to type out the name of the song if you can’t find it by searching only for the name of the artist you want.

SpotOn Alarma Spotify

After choosing the music that will sound when your alarm goes off, you’ll have to decide if you want the songs to be shuffled (if you picked a playlist or album) and if you want a fade in effect. You also have more general options like making your smartphone vibrate or not, to show notifications, or for the music to play on another device you have connected through Spotify Connect. Then, all that’s left to do is decide what days of the week you want the alarm to sound and if you want to label it. When you add an alarm, you’ll see the basic info in the main column and you can repeat the same process if you want to create more alarms.

SpotOn Alarma Spotify

Fall asleep with Spotify music

What’s interesting about SpotOn is that it also has another feature for you to use: the possibility to listen to your music on Spotify for a determined amount of time as you’re falling asleep. The options here are somewhat more basic, since you can only choose from your playlists or ready-made ones from Spotify as you fall asleep. After making your selection, you just have to choose how long the music will play, although the max is 60 minutes. It’s a good option for anyone who falls asleep better with relaxing music playing.

SpotOn Alarma Spotify

SpotOn Alarm for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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