If you’re like me you probably use the alarm on your smartphone every single day. But it’s so easy to pick up from your nightstand and switch off that you might need an app that makes it devilishly difficult to turn off your alarm to make sure you wake up. An app that randomly sends photos from your gallery to your contacts? An alarm that will only turn off if you take a picture of your dog? Have a look at these….

AlarmRun: Reveal it all if you can’t wake up

This app uses the terrifying potential for social humiliation to convince you to get out of bed. To do so, among the different alarm methods, there’s one that will auto-post a random photo from your gallery to Facebook or Twitter, or send a random text to one of your contacts. The latter might be a less ruinous option as you can set it to send a text asking a certain person to wake you up if you can’t manage to get yourself out of bed. [Download]

alarmas android alarmrun The most effective alarms for Android

Alarmy: Take a photo to turn the alarm off

Alarmy has you take a photo of a certain object or place to wake yourself up. To do so, you’ll have to use a snapshot taken as a reference and which your wake-up photo will be checked against before unlocking the alarm. Obviously the idea here is that the item to be photographed is outside the room, forcing you to get out of bed. If it’s the wall in front of you then the method is not going to help much. [Download]

alarmas android alarmy The most effective alarms for Android

Snap Me Up: Your face and eyes are the passcode

In this case, the app goes a step further compared to Alarmy, using your own face as the unlock image, with the added perk that all the photos are stored in a common gallery which over the long term can provide you with a horror show of your bleary morning face over months and months. [Download]

alarmas android snap me up 2 The most effective alarms for Android

Puzzle Alarm Clock: Use your noggin, sharpen your wits

The best way to shake yourself out of a deep sleep is to activate your brain. And if you’re a light sleeper, it could even be a good idea to use this app to flex your mental muscles: you silence it by solving small math, perception, or memory problems. [Download]

alarmas android puzzle The most effective alarms for Android




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