You’ve probably fallen asleep while listening to your favorite music on your Android more than once. You’ve probably also fallen asleep without realizing that the sound was still on. That’s why Spotify is introducing a fun feature for its Android app. Now you can program a pause for whatever it is that you’re listening. This timer is super useful because it’ll pause the content after a certain amount of time.

Pre-program a pause in any song or playlist

It should be noted that this new timer will be progressively available for Android smartphones. Therefore, if you still don’t see this option on your Spotify account, just wait a little longer. Locating this feature and activating it is really easy. All it takes is following a few steps:

  • Open any song’s play screen
  • Tap on the three dots located on the upper right side of the screen
  • Tap on the Timer option
  • Set a listening time


If a specific song is part of a playlist, the timer will affect that uninterrupted playlist. So, you can listen to any playlist and Spotify will pause it whenever you want.

The Spotify timer also affects podcasts

The Spotify continues to include more podcasts to its long catalog. As you can already imagine, the timer feature is also available for your favorite podcasts. Activating the timer feature with this type of format is even easier. All you have to do is tap on the moon icon located on the play bar. Then, choose the time remaining until the audio is paused.

spotify sleep Spotify adds a timer to its Android app

Nevertheless, if you want to undo the automatic pause, just follow the same steps and tap on the Deactivate the timer button. This new Spotify feature will no doubt make sure that its users don’t fall asleep with their headphones on.

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