Spotify is one of the platforms that is actively changing the way we listen to music. The app continues to launch updates in order to increase user experience. This time, it presented a very visual novelty. We’re talking about ‘Storyline’, a tool that mimics ‘Behind the lyrics’ to offer you visual stories. Its main goal is none other than giving you more details on your favorite songs and artists.


Storyline offers you a bunch of details of your favorite music

You’ve surely wondered about how and why a song was written at some point or another. Having to actually go through the trouble of searching for that information online can be a long and tedious process. That’s why Spotify wanted to give the artists the opportunity to create their own Stories, and the listeners, a way to complement their user experience.


The best part about it is that you don’t even have to activate anything in your Spotify account. All you have to do is play any of the songs that have been included in this feature. The Jonas Brothers, SG Lewis, and Taylor Swift have been the firsts to upload their information cards. In fact, you’ll see how the artists combine text, pictures, and short clips.

Possibilities that extend beyond the sound

With the arrival of the ‘Storyline’ feature, Spotify continues to give out hints about their intentions to go beyond allowing you to play music. Now you can follow your favorite artists and keep up-to-date with their latest releases. And let’s not forget about the canvas mode, which shows you videos and animations on your screen.


Activating the canvas mode is really easy. All you have to do is tap on the settings gear and turn on the Canvas window. Just keep in mind that this mode will consume more data. These resources can be pretty interesting if you combine them with the view lyrics option that Spotify developed alongside Genius. These text cards are also available (for some songs) by sliding your finger over the interface.

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