A year ago, Genius and Spotify signed an agreement to set up a display of song lyrics as well as the stories and curiosities behind them. A collaboration where we users stood the most to gain. It was a shame that the feature was exclusive to iOS, though … until yesterday, when “Behind the Lyrics” landed in the Android ecosystem.

Spotify Behind the Lyrics

When Spotify ended its partnership with Musixmatch, it also did away with the possibility of viewing song lyrics through the app. We even put together a blog post of Android apps to let you see song lyrics on Spotify and other music players. Luckily, Genius has finally made it to Android through the Spotify app itself. Maybe not the best way to read lyrics while singing karaoke, but you get the full backstory behind the music.

Honestly I think there’s no better site than Genius for reading lyrics and knowing what’s behind them. Its community of faithful users is the envy of its competitors – especially considering that many of the notes it includes are written by the artists themselves. And now these stories and details can be viewed over Spotify.

Spotify Behind the Lyrics

The latest update to Spotify is a delight for those of us who use the app every day. We hope that Genius starts covering tons more songs, as at the moment it’s only available on two different playlistsBehind The Lyrics: Hip Hop and Today’s Top Hits. The album from R&B singer Khalid also has Genius details, and in general we can enjoy any song much more thanks to all the info available in the Genius entries.

More info | Spotify Blog

Spotify for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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