When you’re hanging out with friends, your smartphone can be a great way to get the party started or keep it going. We all know your smartphone is great at keeping you entertained when you’re on your own, but with all the different apps and games it makes available, there are plenty of options for livening up any situation. And they’re all right there in your pocket. Read on to discover 20 Android games to pump up the fun factor at any party. 

android juegos fiesta
Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

Card and board games now on your smartphone

Before smartphones ever existed, board games were the go-to for any get-together with friends or family. Now, many of these classics have made their way to Android. So even if you don’t have any cards or board games laying around, you can still have fun.

For example, you’ll find a version of the classic game Monopoly that kept us all entertained for hours in its physical format, buying endless properties and streets. Now you can play its digital version, using each person’s phone to manage the buying and selling of countries in this case.

You can also play other games that you’ve been playing forever, like Pictionary. Here, you have to prove that your team is able to guess the object being drawn, on the screen of your smartphone.

An alternative to Pictionary is Draw Something Free. In this game, you also have to draw what the app tells you and then guess what the other user is sketching on their phone. Although this game is played online, you can play with any of your friends directly by just searching for their Facebook name.

android juegos fiesta
Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

If what you’re looking for is a trivia game, then you can show what you know by playing HQ Trivia with your friends. You can put your heads together to try to win the round and earn a little cash that will be deposited in a PayPal account.

With Psych!, you get to put together your own game with your friends. This interesting game has you respond to questions and challenges that have been answered by someone in the group. This means your friends have to use psychology to try to guess which option they think the other player would pick.

On the other hand, there are also tons of card games that you can play even if you don’t have a physical deck of cards. With eTABU you’re mission is to make your team guess a word in the least time possible, without being able to say any of the related words.

In each round of Evil Apples, a card appears at the top of the screen, showing a sentence with a big blank space. Below, you’ll see three possible answers to fill in the blank. Your objective is to pick the same answer you think the ‘judge’ would choose. In this game, there’s no room for embarrassment, given the racy tone of the questions.

Let your body do the talking

android juegos fiesta
Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

Just because you’re playing with your phone, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun moving your body. With games like Heads Up!, What Am I? and Charades!, you have to hold your smartphone up to your forehead, so the other person can make you guess what’s written on the screen using gestures.

You can even create your own words to discover with Smart Charades. This way, you have the possibility to write down inside jokes or the name of a friend and others have to guess the answer using gestures.

Turn your living room into a nightclub

android juegos fiesta
Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

All good parties have good music. And great parties? Well, they have singing, of course. With apps like Sing! Karaoke by Smule, you can use your smartphone as if it were a real microphone to perform any song and become the life of the party.

And to warm up before hitting the clubs, there’s nothing better than a game like Just Dance to turn your living room into a dance floor where you can show off your moves. You just have to hold onto your phone and copy the moves you see on the screen.

When the alcohol starts kicking in

android juegos fiesta
Ilustración: Sara Caravaca

Drinking games are a classic when hanging out with friends, and a surefire way to get the laughter going. Lucky for you, we’ve found an app that provides different minigames to keep the party going and the alcohol flowing.

If you’re more about making your friends drink nonstop, the classic Truth or Dare is a must-have at any party. Thanks to this game, you can reveal the inner-most secrets of each person and laugh at the same time, while you see others who don’t want to respond to the questions complete fun dares.

And to take the excitement to the next level, there’s nothing better than having each party-goer spin a wheel. In SpinDrink, you have to complete a challenge that the game proposes. If you fail, you have to deal with the ‘consequences.’ The great thing about this app is that you can customize the content that shows up on the wheel.

Fly a space ship as a team or find the werewolf

android juegos fiesta

If your group of friends is more interested in concentration and completing intellectual challenges, then we have games for you, too.

In Escape Team, you’ll have to get a pencil and paper to figure out the different numerical sequences to solve each puzzle and move on to the next one. To play this game, it’s also necessary to print the papers and instructions where you’ll write things down.

You and your fellow party-goers can also fly a space ship as you complete different missions in Spaceteam. You have to communicate with your teammates if you want to complete all the challenges and make your way through the galaxy.

At one time or another, most of us have probably played the game where you have to figure out who the werewolf is. With Werewolf, it’s now more fun to play this game where only one player is guilty and the rest are innocent.

Lastly, Who Lurks is another title related to outer space that lets you have fun with groups of three to six players, all from one smartphone. In this ‘party game’ you have to discover which crew member is secretly an alien on a space ship.

As we’ve seen, there are plenty possibilities to have a great time with your friends using your Android device. All you need is a smartphone, good company, and an open mind.


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