There’s no arguing that HQ Trivia was one of the biggest trends born in 2017. It came on the scene without barely making a splash and gradually grew to enormous popularity beyond all expectations. And now in 2018, the HQ Trivia snowball continues to pick up speed thanks to its arrival on Android, with its user base growing more and more every day. However, you only need to play once to figure out that the app doesn’t make it easy for players to make it to the final question. That’s why we’re here to give you a few tips on how to win HQ Trivia.

hq trivia consejos featured How to try to win money in HQ Trivia without failing miserably

Silence the comments

Let’s just admit it … the comments in HQ Trivia are like an endless flood of word vomit. Sometimes, you can get a few chuckles when Scott Rogowsky is absent and the comments like #FreeScott start rolling along with other silly jokes. But in general, they’re more of a distraction than anything else. What’s more, they’re a harmful distraction due to the astronomical number of insults and nonsense constantly being spewed. So the best thing you can do is turn them off with a simple downward swipe of the screen.

Invite other people to earn extra lives

You can earn extra lives in HQ Trivia if you invite someone using your referral code and that person plays for the first time. It’s as simple as tapping the “Get More” button on the screen, where you can share your referral code with whoever you want. These lives are extremely useful since they let you continue playing after you respond incorrectly to a question. Of course, you can only use one per game and it’s applied automatically. It’s a nice little safety net to have when you really need it.

HQ Trivia

Follow HQ Trivia on Twitter

Reading the tweets from the official HQ Trivia Twitter account isn’t a waste of time, considering it’s not unusual to see posts with hints about some of the questions you’re going to see in the next game. Plus, it also serves as a way to find out about technical issues the app experiences and when there may be a delay in starting the game. Because sometimes, we’re all excited and ready to play, only to find out that we’re going to have to wait for a few precious minutes that we may not actually have.

Play with a group

HQ Trivia has become one of those activities that brings people together. You’ll find entire families playing this game that’s become normal to see on social networks. And this makes more sense than you’d think, considering it’s a proven fact that multiple heads are better than one. That’s why it’s a good trick to winning money in HQ Trivia. And if you disagree, then read this article, where a group won thanks to teamwork and help from the Google assistant.

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Turn on notifications

You’ve got to be in it to win it, right? Even though the games are always held at the same times every day (weekdays at 3pm and 9pm EST, and weekends at 9pm EST), it’s still easy to forget to open the app at the right time to play. Before you know it, you glance up at the clock, its 9:05, and you’ve missed your chance to play, once again. To help you out, all you have to do is activate the notifications so you never forget when the next game is about to begin. You’ll receive multiple notifications when there’s little time remaining for the start of the game, making it the best way to make sure you’re prepared.

Practice between games with TenQ

Knowing all the right answers in a game of HQ Trivia can be close to impossible. After all, we’re not all brainiacs walking around with every fact in the world just floating around in our heads. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve our game thanks to practice apps like TenQ, which provides us with thousands of questions that could easily appear in a live trivia game. Plus, it also only gives you 10 seconds to respond to the questions so you practice your quick thinking skills and prepare yourself for the stress of answering the questions in the real game.

TenQ HQ Trivia

Keep watching even after you’ve been eliminated

Although your normal reaction is probably to just close the game quickly and most likely a little angrily, sometimes it can actually be worth your while to stick around until the end. Not only does it allow you to get to know the game and types of questions asked in the last few rounds, but sometimes, you can actually earn an extra life just for hanging on until the very end. It doesn’t happen every time, but from time to time, it’s a consolation prize offered to users who stuck it out and continued watching even without playing along.

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