There are tons of Android apps that aim to help you improve your productivity. Creating to-do lists and reminders of all sorts is becoming easier and easier, but perhaps it’s never been quite as effortless as it is now with Remindee. This app lets you create reminders easily using the share button present on the majority of Android apps. A new and super simple way to make sure you never forget a thing.


Minimalism is the bedrock of Remindee, a fact that’s clear given its incredibly straightforward interface, without any bells or whistles. Here the main idea is to create alerts and reminders with hardly any effort at all. Once it’s installed, all you have to do is use the “share” button in your browser or any other app you want (as long as it has the button). After that, you just have to specify when you want to be reminded and enter a description if you want.


Remindee aims to make your life simpler, and for that reason, it’s compatible with any app that offers the option to “share.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a link, image, video, or even a GIF; any object is able to be remembered through Remindee, making it incredibly easy to send yourself quick notes about anything. Plus, you can see all your upcoming reminders and ones that have already happened by simply opening the app. Its archives show all the information that you’ve saved, making it a great way to ensure you don’t forget a single thing you need to remember, or cancel something that you no longer need.

Admittedly, Remindee isn’t discovering fire or anything, but at least it carries out a specific task and makes it as easy as possible to do so. Its few options also make it possible to create reminders by simply copying content to the clipboard, but it’s up to you if you want to enable that feature or not.

Remindee for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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