So far, 2018 has proven to be a great year, full of high-quality apps that deserve our attention. After going over the best Android games of 2018 to date, it’s now time to announce the apps that have most impressed us this year. Read on to see our selection of the best Android apps of 2018.


Within the Android ecosystem you’ll find plenty of apps that let you keep track of your moods. But we’ve found Moodpath to be the most appealing since it helps users identify and cope with illnesses like depression or anxiety thanks to its mood logs. [Download]



Anyone with a green thumb or just a mild interest in plants can rejoice thanks to PlantSnap. It’s a tool that lets you identify any and all plants that you aim your camera at. It’s made our list not only thanks to its extensive database, but for its incredible accuracy.  [Download]



The search for the perfect launcher is one of those endless pursuits, with no real answer. There are too many alternatives and sometimes, it’s hard to decide on just one in particular. But Siempo is a great choice for anyone who embraces minimalism above all else. It’s a simple launcher that also serves to make us aware of how we tend to overuse our smartphones.  [Download]


Telegram X

We were extremely surprised when we discovered Telegram X, an alternative and official client of one of our favorite messaging apps. Its performance is fabulous and it offers a long list of options that make it the best possible alternative to the client from Pavel Durov. [Download]

telegram x

SpotOn Alarm for Youtube

If you’re tired of waking up with your typical ringtones, this alarm app could be the answer to your problems. It offers all the typical options for this type of app, but shines thanks to letting us wake to the sounds of our favorite videos on YouTube. It’s incredibly simple to set up, but in our tutorial, we explain exactly how to do it. [Download]


Stories – Timeline Diary

We don’t always have time or motivation to write down important life events in a diary, but that’s probably why they say a picture’s worth a thousand words. This elegant diary lets you create daily entries with all sorts of content, whether it’s text, photos, or even your location. It’s an excellent app that lets you turn your daily activities into lovely books that let you tell your own story. [Download]

stories timeline

Cake Web Browser

While the world of successful browsers seems to be an exclusive club where only a few can thrive, 2018 has given us a good number of new options in this area. Cake Web Browser is definitely the option that we’ve most enjoyed thanks to the originality of its search system that sets its apart from the rest. It still has a ways to go, but it’s become one of our favorites, for sure. [Download]

cake web browser


It’s hard for us to understand why many current smartphones are getting rid of the radio feature. The ability to listen to your favorite radio stations without an internet connection is greatly appreciated, but unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it. If you love listening to the radio on your smartphone, then there’s probably no better tool than Radiogram. It’s an ad-free app that offers a huge number of stations available from a ton of different countries. [Download]



Ok, so we may be talking about a very specific niche here, but we fell in love with Scorefolder from the moment we discovered it. It’s a useful tool that lets you download endless sheet music for free from most well-known classical composers. A free app with a Material Design style that lets us enjoy the best classical music. What could be better? [Download]



The shutdown of OperaVPN has forced us to search for other high-quality, free alternatives to connect to the internet safely and anonymously. We think that ProtonVPN is one of the best. Not only does it have a clear and elegant interface – it also runs like clockwork.  [Download]



A while ago, we made a list of the best Android apps for learning how to program, but that was before we discovered Grasshopper. This app came straight out of Area 120, Google’s experimental program, and it uses gamification to make programming concepts accessible to even the most inexperienced learners. [Download]


HQ Trivia

There’s no doubt that the global release of HQ Trivia was a total revolution. This live trivia game has led countless players to plan their days around the broadcast time in order to participate in this contest where anyone can win real money. It’s one of the year’s biggest phenomenons in the mobile world. [Download]

HQ Trivia

Edge Action

The customization of your device is one of those areas where you’re never really 100% satisfied. One of the features that users tend to demand in this area is that their smartphone make life easier. That’s exactly what this slide-out side panel aims to do, letting you use your phone with just one hand. This feature is available natively on the latest Samsung devices and thanks to this app, you can enjoy it on any smartphone or tablet. [Download]

edge action

Adobe Spark Post

The Adobe suite on Android is known for offering excellent, quality apps for editing photos or creating designs. Adobe Spark Post is the latest app to join the family, and it’s still in beta, but it’s the perfect tool for any Community Manager to use. Thanks to this app, you can create attractive designs to post on all different social networks. And best of all, it’s quick and easy to use. [Download]

adobe spark post


Instagram is ready to challenge YouTube on its own turf: video streaming. IGTV lets you enjoy vertical content on your smartphone and it makes the whole experience super easy. We have no idea what effect it will have on YouTube, but it’s always nice to see new ideas and a little healthy competition happening. [Download]



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