As of a few years ago programming has started to be pushed as one of those basic things that all sorts of people should learn. The thing is, though, that it’s not always super easy to sit down and study, or may you just don’t have the time needed to set a rigid schedule and stick to it. Hence we bring you this selection of the best free Android apps for learning how to program. We’ve got an array of options for learners of all types, so we hope you can find the perfect app for your needs here.

aprender programar featured The top Android apps for learning how to program


Although we’ve already dedicated a few words to this app, we have to mention Encode again for people who need an introduction into the complex world of programming. This app could be a good point of departure thanks to its themed blocks divided into lessons that help you slowly get your feet wet in waters that a lot of people believe are too deep. [Download]



We’re looking at one of the most important platforms on the market for learning to program in different languages. It’s got a hodgepodge of courses at all different levels to help you get stuck in, and a large number of experts available to help you in the subject. There are paid courses, but there’s also a gargantuan number of lessons where you can learn what you want for free. And note that if you want to you can download them for viewing when you’re not connected to the Internet. [Download]


Programming Hub

One of the cool things about this app is the large number of programming languages it can help you learn: C, C++, Java, HTML, R, CSS, SQL… In total there are 18 languages you can start learning based on a good number of manuals and examples. That said, perhaps it’s not the friendliest app for beginners, as it doesn’t have flashy tutorials. But with a bit of effort it can give you a brilliant introduction to this field. [Download]

Programming Hub


Endless programming challenges await you with Dcoder, a great app to expand your knowledge of the subject based on exercises that are categorized by difficulty. The sole “but” here is that it’s designed for users who already know a thing or two about the subject, as there are no courses or lessons that start from zero. But it’s an ideal companion for people who’ve already delved into the world of programming. [Download]



This app prompts you to learn programming every day, with a premise close to that of other learning apps like Duolingo. The good thing about this tool is that whatever your level, it adapts perfectly to both advanced users and novices in the art of coding. Plus its interface is as friendly and intuitive as can be and has small minigames that help you learn in a fun way. One of our favorites for beginners. [Download]

Enki screenshot The top Android apps for learning how to program


Although several apps out there serve as a nexus for free courses, and we mentioned one of them above, we have to admit that Py is not bad and stands out above other options. This is owed to the fact that it has a very simple and tidy design with which to learn via courses, exercises, and texts. It’s got a large number of languages, making it a great option to make a start down the programming path. [Download]




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