Now available: the new 0.14 update of PUBG Mobile with Infection Mode

The new update brings some new updates for the game like a new Zombie game mode and a new map, among other improvements.

After being able to try it out in the beta for the last few weeks, the official version 0.14 update of PUBG Mobile has just been released for Android and iOS. It all revolves around the new pirate setting that we began seeing in the version 0.13.5m although now we have even more new features: a new game mode, new setting, new character progression system where you’ll unlock abilities (merely for looks), all the content of the Season Pass 8, and a good handful of smaller fixes.

pubg mobile 0 14 featured Now available: the new 0.14 update of PUBG Mobile with Infection Mode

Infection mode in PUBG Mobile

The new game mode follows in the steps of similar previous concepts like The longest night, and Survive the night in the EvoGround section. In this case, it offers a completely new map, a small harbor town where survivors and pirate-zombies battle it out. Yes, it’s exactly how it sounds.

Each round starts with two groups of five members. The objective of the undead is to infect all the humans, while the survivors’ main goal is to stay alive throughout the entire round. All it takes is one human is left standing in the end to win.

PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

Each infected human will turn into a zombie and there are two types: one’s fast, and the other is stealthy and will do more damage with each hit. Also, once you’ve reached a certain point, one of the zombies will turn into a special boss as a sort of final challenge before the time runs out.

Other improvements in the version 0.14

  • New menu system with the different game modes, now showing the information much more clearly.
  • New pirate setting.
  • Season Pass 8 with new rewards and customization elements.
  • New character progression system that lets you get new animations to use with your character in the EvoGround modes.
  • New rewards distribution for daily missions.

Royale Pass PUBG Mobile Season 8

Complete list of changes from the version 0.14 (changelog)

Improved interface for the mode selection menu:

a. Added tier information in Classic 

b. Matchmaking and settings are now on the same page. 

c. Improved visual effects.

Daily mission redesign: 

a. The number of daily missions has been reduced and the rewards have been adjusted.

b.The daily missions are now offered randomly. If players are not happy with their reward, they can exchange it for another random mission three times a day. 

New Infection game mode:

It’s an asymetrical PvP. When the game begins, players are divided randomly into Zombies and Defenders. The Defenders can use firearms but the Zombies can only use weapons in hand-to-hand combat and skills with reloading time. 

Zombies can respawn after being eliminated, while the Defenders can be converted into zombies after being defeated. If all the Defenders are infected, the zombies win; if even one of the Defenders survives to the end, the Defenders win. 

Character system:

a. Each player gets a character in the beginning. 

b. The characters start out with one skill that’s only effective in the EvoGround modes.

c. The characters can be customized with outfits, voices, emojis, and MVP emojis.

d. Characters will level up and get progression rewards when they earn EXP in any of the game modes. 

Level 5 and rewards for some achievements 

Battle-Hardened V: Reach Ace.

Fun Times V: Complete 800 rounds in Arcade

Classic Lover V: Complete 1000 rounds in Classic 

Evo Tactician I-V: Complete 5/20/50/100/200 rounds in EvoGround.

Perseverance V: Log in every day for 60 days.

Assault Mastery V: Kill 2000 enemies with assault rifles.

Sniper Mastery V: Kill 1000 enemies with sniper rifles.

Shotgun Mastery V: Kill 1000 enemies with shotguns.

SMG Mastery V: Kill 2000 enemies with SMG.

Melee Mastery V: Kill 200 enemies with hand-to-hand weapons.

Pistol Mastery V: Kill 200 enemies with handguns. 

Deathbringer V: Kill 2000 enemies

Skull Collector V: Kill 200 enemies with headshots.

Field Medic V: Revive 500 comrades.

Predator V: Kill 20 enemies in a single Classic round

Chicken Bucket V: Win 50 games

PUBG Elite V: Win 555 ranges SSS

Epic Find V: Win 100 different permanent outfits (Legendary).

Mythic Fashion I-V: Win 1/5/10/20/50 different permanent outfits (Mythic).

Social Butterfly V: Get 120 friends.

Brothers in Arms V: Make teams with friends 1000 times.

Santa Claus V: Give gifts to friends 100 times.

Center of Attention V: Get 600 Likes.

Happy Training V: Complete 1000 clan trainings.

Shopaholic V: Spend 1000000BP.

Perfectionist V: Reach the max Royale Pass range in 6 seasons in a row.

Bounty Hunter V: Complete 1000 Royale Pass missions.

Open Sesame V: Open 100 elite Royale Pass boxes. 

Unique Destiny: Earn 6000 points in achievements.

Battlefield Veteran I-III: Complete any of the following 2/4/6 achievements: Assault Mastery V, Sniper Mastery V, Shotgun Mastery V, SMG Mastery V, Melee Mastery V, Pistol Mastery V.​

Improvements and bug fixes:

Adjustments to interaction with the inventory interface 

a. Interface features that aren’t inventory related are disabled on said menu. 

b. Expanded object area.

c. Simplified emoji editing.

d. Improved selection of weapons and vehicles.

e. Players can now choose whether or not to see helmets and backpacks in the main menu. 

f. New zoom feature added to character to view weapons, hats, glasses, accessories, and backpacks. 

Improved outfits:

After the update, if the outfit conflicts with the one chosen previously, the outfit will be taken off to make sure it’s displayed correctly.



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